How i met You -imagination

My story about how i met youu


1. How i met you 1

i met you at a Cher Lloyd concert in Las Vegas and we had no idea who we were. we were drinking a lot and we got pulled over by the cops but when we got out the car we ran like a cheetah so they couldn't catch us it was crazy. so then when they were getting closer we found a lion in the alley so the lion gave us a ride to Alaska, and when we got to Alaska we didn't have clothes on (not naked though) BECAUSE IT WAS EXTREMELY HOT OUTSIDE. weird right, then Carly Rae Jepsen appeared and gave us 5 million dollars. so with the money we went to England and saw one direction and Demi Lovato and Niall were making out in a bush. and then the police came and finally arrested us. Hahahahaha lol! THE END!

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