A 1Direction Love Story (1SHOT41D)

A 16 year old girl named Michela was a big Directioner :) She used to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram..... But she never new that her life could change on Valentines day :)) xxx


2. Valentines day :))

Well today is Valentines day and the day of the concert  :)))


At about 6:00am I woke up and the concert wasn't until 01:00 in the afternoon :) I actually was very very excited.  Well it was only 6 in the morning so I woke up took a shower and washed my hair :) I had really long brown hair :) I loved my hair.  And when i finished it was about 6:30 so then I decided to have some breakfast.  I took an apple and went to my room and to my desk cause I promised my mum that I would study cause in the last of February I had my exams.


So I started to study some Maths and work out some past papers.  After a while I looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:00 so I decided to take a break and play on the computer and than watch some tv.  I spent about an hour and half so it was 11:30.


I decided to pick what I was gonna wear to the concert.   I put on green short shorts on a white tank top, and wore my reebook white hightops :))  Then I let down my hair and it was wavy :) (cause my hair is naturally wavy).  About a week ago I had dip dyed it at the end in a yellowish kind of yellow.  so now it was in an ombre style.  Like from brown to yellow :))


As soon as I was ready it was about 12:00 so I called my bestfriend  Daniela :) She was done so we taught that we should leave to the concert. :))



R u liking the story?? please leave me some feedback :)) thank you love you all so much xxxxx

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