A 1Direction Love Story (1SHOT41D)

A 16 year old girl named Michela was a big Directioner :) She used to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram..... But she never new that her life could change on Valentines day :)) xxx


1. Just a normal day

Hello my name is Michela.

I entered the One Direction Valentines Day competition (1SHOT41D)



Today is the 13th of February 2013 and as always the following day is Valentines day. :/ I wish that one day I could meet One Direction and then maybe i could finally meet Niall Horan :)) Wow that would be so awesome.  I wish I could go to the concert tomorrow that they are holding in O2 Arena :))


As always my mum drove me to school and on the way I listened to 'One Direction' songs :) My favourite is 'Little Things'.  Boy I love that song :) Well I got to school had a day full of lessons :/ and then after along boring day I went home :) As I got home and went to my room I found a white envelope on my bed! 


It wasn't addresed to anyone but it was on my bed so I opened it and as I got our the things in it I realised that they were 2 tickets (one for me and one for my bestfriend) for 14th February 2012 One Direction concert in O2 arena and we literally had front seets Row 1 B seat 4 and 5 and also 2 VIP tickets!!!


I litterally started to scream around the house and jumping all around the house and when I saw my mum and dad I thanked them so much :)


Well tomorrow is going to be an interesting day I said to myself :)) xxx


So I hope you liked the first part :) I am going to try and update every day :) xx


What should my best friends name be ?? Pls leave suggestions in the comment box and like and favourite this movella!! :)) love you all xxx 

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