Daisy Kate

Isy's father goes missing. Everybody thinks he drowned, but she's sure that it's not true. She is determined to find the truth about where he is - whether he's alive or not.


3. Thinking

"Hello again." the officer said, his tone slightly mocking. "What is it, girlie?" Isy's eyes narrowed at the belittling name. She had to remind herself that she wasn't here to stamp on his foot. There was something she needed to find out.

"Who saw my dad's ship go down?" If she talked to the witnesses, maybe she would get more information into what went on. A ten-year-old girl is far less intimidating than a policeman.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that, girlie. It's confidential. That means private." He was trying to make her feel stupid.

"Can someone at least take me to where the boat sank?" Maybe she could see something there.

"All the people who work here are very busy. They don't have time to chaperone kiddies." He was being plainly rude now.

Time to turn on the cute face, Isy thought.

"Please, sir. I... I just want to say goodbye." She whispered, blinking her eyes as though she was about to cry. PC Newman shifted in his seat, uncomfortable.

"Err... you could get one of the people on the desk to show you. Ask for Harry, he knows where to go." The officer said gruffly.

"Thank you." Isy even threw in a sniffle for good measure. The sweetie-pie act wins again, Isy thought; it was something she frequently used on her mum, with frequent success.

She left PC Newman's office and made her way back to the front of the police station. It was a relief to have finished dealing with that awful man.

The first person she'd spoken to was still waiting behind the counter. He grinned at her.

"Are you done now?" His smile was a comfort after PC Newman's stern face.

"I want to see the place where the Daisy Kate went down. The officer told me that Harry could show me it. Who's he?"

"You're speaking to him." He put his hand on his chest. "I'm Harry." Isy was relieved; she already liked this man.

"Will you take me there?"

"Of course. Follow me!" He came out from behind the desk and strode towards the door. I'm one step closer to finding you, Dad, Isy thought.


Squawking birds danced across the sky as Isy stared out over the harbour, following Harry's pointing arm.

"They reckon it was about there, just outside the entrance," he explained, and then turned to take in the intense concentration in Isy's expression. "Why does it affect you? Did you know someone on the boat?"

"My dad. He's the captain." Isy's matter-of-fact tone was a poor attempt to hide the obvious pain in her eyes. Harry studied her face as she spoke.

"Hey, I know it's hard, but... You realise he ... can't be the captain any more."

"Right. The Daisy Kate's gone. I know that." She started scanning the harbour wall, searching for a ladder, a rope, anything that someone could grab on to or climb up on.

"Look, I know it can be difficult to accept when... you can't see someone again. Well, of course, one day you might meet again, if you believe-"

"That he's not dead." She said it with such force that Harry took a small step back, but then he sighed and tried again.

"I get that that's what you want to think, but in reality-"

"My dad is not dead! He's alive and I'm going to find him!" With that, Daisy turned and stormed off. Harry leant on the railings with a resigned sadness.

"Poor kid," he thought to himself,"it's really not fair. But then, when is it ever?" Taking one last look at the harbour entrance, he stood up straight and began heading back to the station.

One small, black shape bobbed up out of the water by the harbour wall. It was a book.

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