Scotland Babe

This story is about a girl named Daphiny she has firey orange hair and bright green eyes. one day she moves to london and meets the biggest boy band.


1. Moving

i woke up to a sticky note on my forhead. i pull it off and started to read it it said :

                                                                                                                   i just bout a new house in london your


                                                                                                                   love it!. we are leaving at



really when was he gonna tell me we were moving to london!. i got up and looked at the clock i read 8:00 i jumped up and got in the shower. i brushed my teeth and washed my face. i didnt borther putting on make up because i just dont wear it. i quickly got dress i wore a flower printed dress, high white socks, and brown heels. i just leaft my hair out. by the time i was done it was 9;55am. i ran down stairs and grabed some fruit snacks . when i was done eating that i started packing all my stuff in the boxes my dad left down stairs. when i was done i heard a loud  hocking noise, then my dad came and we grabe all of are stuff and put it in the car. and we put the furniture in the uhale truck. then we got in the car. oh great now i have to stay in the car with my dad for 7 hours and 21 minutes. during the whole car ride we laughed and just talked about everything. soon we were already at are new house it was beautiful. it was blue with a nice white fence. i was bought to getout and unpack when my dad grabed my and pull me back down. " dad what are you doing"i said  " we need to talk". "talk about what" i said putting one eyebrow up. " i think i need to see other people its time for me to move on from mom" my heart broke when he said this " NNN- NO!" I screamed at him " sweetie we need to move on"he said " NO DAD YOU SAID WE WILL MOVE ON WHEN WERE BOTH READY..... WELL I NOT READY> MOM DIED A MONTH AGO AND YOU WANT  ME TO MOVE ON NOO! and with that i got out of the car and ran. i heard my dad call my name but i just made me run faster. i never want to see him agian. i stop runing when i noticed i wasnt near my house anymore i was in the city. i was crying like crazy. then i heard my mom call my name, i tryed to follow the vocie when i bumped in to someone i hit my head hard on the ground. the were five boys infront of me, i just stared at them. " HARRY YOU JUST KNOCKED HER OVER" the one with the buzz cut said

"SORRY" the one with curly haired one said. he reach his hand out to help me up. but i didnt grab it i never really talked to anyone ecepted my mom and dad. " well are you gonna grab it " the one that loked like he was a salior. i just started crying i dont even no why i just did. " whats wrong " said the one that looked a little tan. i didnt answer i just keep crying. the the curly haired one picked me up and put me in his car. i satred to cry harder. then i just stoped and stared at them . they started to intorduce them self. then it was my turn. " im Daphiny" i said.



NOTE: hey tell me what you think about this story!!!!!!!!!!!! love you

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