Unexpected (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Bethan has always been friends with Tom but one day he decides to tell her how he feels about her. Bethan is left stranded on the streets of London until she bumps into a certain curly hair boy, will this change things forever?


12. X-factor semi final

Bethan's pov- I was getting ready for the semi finals tonight, I was so excited i couldn't control myself! I decided to invite Tom with me as I wanted harry to meet him! I wore my grey waterfall skirt and white blouse. I met Tom at the station I have to say it was very awkward speaking to him again but i was glad in a way, the trainride was silent I kinda liked it though. We arrived with half an hour to talk so I introduced Tom and harry. Tom wasn't the happiest of people today and he kept glaring at harry like he was dirt! The boys went to rehearse and that left me and Tom sitting alone. "Hey Bethan" Tom said "yes" "can we go talk somewhere?" He asked me at the this point I was really scared. We walked along the long corridor and he stopped so I did. He leaned in, I felt his breath on my lips I was shaking I tried to push him away put he was too strong I was struggling knowing that what he was doing was wrong. Suddenly Louis walked in and shouted "hey get your filthy hands of her! She's with harry! At least be happy. For her!" I ram into Louis arms and cried Niall walked in and saw me crying he hugged me tight reassuring me it was okay, Louis walked over to Tom who was stod staring at me like he was going to kill me. Louis punched him and he ran off! I was still in nails arms shaking. "Hey guys can you not tell harry, it will just upset him" I asked "of course we won't" they answered in unison "thank you" I said half smiling. The boys where on stage and I felt suddenly happy when they sang! It was like eveything bad was gone, I was certainly glad Tom had gone home! They boys came off stage and a big tall man came towards me if I'm honest I was shitting it but it turns out he told me to go backstage too see harry.

Harry's pov- the boys were acting really weird around me so i knew something was wrong, i just had to wait five minutes for one of them to spit it out. They told me everything about tom and bethan at first i was really annoyed at bethan but then i realized it wasn't bethan who kissed tom, tom kissed her and i know bethan wouldn't want to hurt me i just needed to talk to her so i got one of the security guards to go get her.

Bethan's pov- i walked backstage and saw harry, he looked like he'd been crying i then knew one of the boys had told him. "bethan? louis told me about tom an...." "for god sake they said they would't tell, please harry believe me i didn't kiss him" his lips pressing against mine interrupting me! ""what was that for?" i asked him "i knew you didn't kiss him, i just know you wouldn't do that, but know that i trust you so please don't take that away" he managed to say between breaths "i promise" his lips met mine again moving in sync with mine his tongue licked the bottom of my lips asking for entry, i let him. This kiss wasn't like any other kiss we shared it was more passionate some might say, his hand on the bottom of my back slowly down to my bum, it made me tingle inside, a good tingle. i pushed him away and said "not here, not now okay?" he winked at me and bit his lip "i understand gorgeous, you want to wait for the right time" it made me smile how understanding he was. I think he guessed i was a virgin, i was kind of embarrassed i was seventeen and i was a virgin. It wasn't that i wasn't ready it was because i was waiting for the right guy to take it.

Harry's pov- i was guessing bethan was a virgin and i think she was embarrassed, but actually i though it was cute. "hey bethan there's a party at the xfactor house after and i was wondering if you'd come with me?"  ""yes of course i will" she answered excitedly

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