Unexpected (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Bethan has always been friends with Tom but one day he decides to tell her how he feels about her. Bethan is left stranded on the streets of London until she bumps into a certain curly hair boy, will this change things forever?


10. The happiest moment of my life

Harry's pov- i walked over to Bethan as she was talking with Niall and Hollie, I could see Niall liked Hollie a lot! I grabbed her waist and whispered in her eat "can we have that chat now?"
"Yes" she said smiling as usual, I wasn't complaining her smile is gorgeous! I took her into the back room and sat her down on the table. "So um Bethan I have ummm being wanting to ask you this for quote a while since I got too umm know you, you are so beautiful and any guy would be looking to have you, and I was just wondering if I could be that guy?" I asked with hope "what do you mean" I knew she knew what I meant but wanted to me say it out just to make me more nervous "I mean, will you be my girl?" She flung her arms round my neck and her lips met mine i felt my tummy tingle when she kissed me. When we eventually pulled apart she finally said yes! I can't believe it! I don't think I'm going to stop smiling ever!
Bethan's pov- OMG YES! He asked me out he did feel the same as me! I don't think I'll ever stop smiling! This possibly the happiest moment of my life! We came back out of the back room holding hands entering the green room where everyone was sat! I saw Hollie look at me smile showing her perfect straight teeth! Then Louis ran up to us and picked harry up and shouted "YES, THEY ARE TOGETHER AT LAST!" I smiled! So does this mean harry had talked to Louis about asking me out before? Oh well, it was time for the boys too perform me and Hollie took our seats and watched the crowd go crazy as the voice over said there names! Harry didn't take his eyes off me once I kinda liked it though!
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