Unexpected (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Bethan has always been friends with Tom but one day he decides to tell her how he feels about her. Bethan is left stranded on the streets of London until she bumps into a certain curly hair boy, will this change things forever?


2. Stranded in London

Bethans pov- I shouted after him but he didn't listen, I saw his wills hoodie go round the corner and that was it! I just lost my bestfriend of 15 years all because of my feeling I hate feeling they fuck up everything (excuse my language by the way). I decided I couldn't spend my life in Starbucks sulking so I decided to grab my bag and leave. I reached down to get it but it wasn't there! Great Tom must of picked it up when he left "SHIT" I shouted ignoring all the dirty looks I got. I was stranded in London no phone no money no train pass and no bestfriend! I started walking round convent garden crying, trying to hide my tears. Then I saw him, Thomas he was stood listening to his music. It must be him he was wearing the exact same thing. "Thomas!" "Tom please talk to me" I shouted getting closer and closer to him. I stop right behind and turned him around rather violently "Tom for fuck sake......." He turned around "your not Tom? I'm sorry I thought you where someone else" I said trying to hold back the tears "ummm yeah sorry wrong person but are you okay love you look like you've been crying?" I bent down to look in a car mirror he was right I had mascara all done my cheeks and my eyes where all puffy, I looked a mess! "Um I should be fine, sorry again" I said. I didn't realise how beautiful this boy was, he green eyes that twinkled in the sun, his gorgeous brown curly hair blowing in the light wind. I was still crying not a lot but still crying.
"Here" he handed me a tissue and lead me towards a bench. "Thank you, and I really am sorry" I stated
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