Unexpected (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Bethan has always been friends with Tom but one day he decides to tell her how he feels about her. Bethan is left stranded on the streets of London until she bumps into a certain curly hair boy, will this change things forever?


11. She will be mine!

Toms pov- it was everywhere about harry and Bethan dating, it was like it was haunting me, everywhere I clicked 'HARRY STYLES AND BEHAN JENKINSON MADLY IN LOVE" "HARRY AND BETHAN SEEN KISSING IN LONDON" like as much as I despised harry for stealing my girl they needed some privacy! If she was with me this wouldn't happen! I felt kinda bad for calling Bethan a slut I mean she couldn't help about her feelings right? I was stil determined to get her who ever gets in my way! She's mine! I thought if I made friends with her then I would have more of a chance with her. ***conversation with Bethan*** me-"hi, I'm really sorry for saying what I said I was just angry and I've been feeling bad ever since, please forgive me, I have been lost without you!" (Okay I lied I didn't feel guilty and have been lost without her, but I still loved her and she deserved to be mine!) after about an hour later Bethan replied saying "hi Tom I suppose I'm pretty pissed at you but you are my bestfriend so I guess i forgive you but you where bang out of order!" Tom- "yes I understand that but I am sorry" Bethan- "yes yes, I forgive you"

****authors note***
Sorry i haven't updated in a while I've been busy I'll try and update as much as possible from now on:) xx
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