Unexpected (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Bethan has always been friends with Tom but one day he decides to tell her how he feels about her. Bethan is left stranded on the streets of London until she bumps into a certain curly hair boy, will this change things forever?


7. Meeting the boys

Bethan's pov- I felt like my heart was going to explode, I was so nervous. Why did I agree to this?! We got to a big black gate harry pressed a button and I medium height boy with blonde hair and a strong Irish accent appeared. "Hey haz" he said staring at Harry "Hey Niall, this is Bethan, Bethan Niall, Niall Bethan" he held out his hand for me too shake which I did obviously "You where right haz, she is beautiful" I could feel my cheeks burning up "Sorry, just Harry didn't stop talking about you last night" Niall said whilst smirking at harry. I knew harry was getting embarrassed as he went bright red! We entered a big studio where I could see the other three boys sitting, i grabbed Harry's hand he squeezed it which made reassured me everything will be fine. We walked through the doors and all eyes stopped on me I felt so embarrassed! Finally harry said "guys this is Bethan, she'll be watching us rehearse today, is that all right?" "Hi I'm Louis" "Zayn" "Hey love, I'm liam, nice too meet you" I shook all their hands and smiled, they seemed like genuine down to earth nice guys! Harry sat me down outside the studio and I sat and listened to the boys sing they where so good! They where pure angels!

******an hour later*********

About an hour the boys had done, harry came to sit next me putting his arm on my shoulder, i felt so safe with him! "Love birds, we're going for food you coming?" Louis shouted walking into the other. I wasn't hungry at all but it was an excuse to get to know the boys more and see harry longer! We decided on pizza express. Zayn called for the car and about ten minutes later we where there! Louis pov- we arrived outside the restraunt it was full of paparazzi i told harry to give her his jumper it almost went to her knees it's cute how small she is! We pushed the paparazzi ignoring all the questions we where getting about Bethan! We opened the doors at the waitress took us to our seats! Bethan's pov- we sat down and pulled harry down next to me maybe a bit to violently but I don't think he minded! We sat and talked about what we wanted to eat but I didn't say a word as I didn't want anything! "Bethan? Are you okay?" Harry asked me sympathetically "Yeh yeh I'm fine, I'm just not hungry" "Okay well do you want to share something?" I felt really bad that harry was sharing with me again "Only if you want too?" I answered "Bethan seriously babe it's fine" I loved it when he called me babe it made me tingle inside. Agreed to share a tomato pizza with him! When harry and Niall went to the bathroom louis and Zayn quickly turned there heads to me and bombarded me with questions Louis was the first to ask me "so, you and harry eh?" He said winking "what about me and harry?" I asked playing dumb as i knew full well what he meant "well you guys seem to be getting close?" He answered "we only met yesterday, we're still getting to know each other properly" I knew I was smiling like a little girl who had just been given some candy! Harry and Niall finally came back saving me from the conversation with Louis and Zayn! Harry put his arm around my waist pulling me in closer it felt so right with him!

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