Unexpected (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Bethan has always been friends with Tom but one day he decides to tell her how he feels about her. Bethan is left stranded on the streets of London until she bumps into a certain curly hair boy, will this change things forever?


3. Me and the stranger

Bethans pov-The beautiful stranger sat me down on a bench and I asked "so you want to tell me why you've been crying or not?" He asked politely
"Umm i suppose" I answered. I told him what had happened in Starbucks and mine and toms freindship. He headed me his phone in looked at him puzzled, "to ring your friend" he laughed slightly "oh yeh yeh, thank you" I took the phone from the stranger and typed in Toms number
*phone call*
"Hello, who is this?"
"Tom? It's me Bethan, you umm took my bag when you left Starbucks so I need it back if you can?"
"Oh yeh sorry meet me in convent garden Iin half an hour" he then hung up
*end of phone call*

"Thank you, he's dropping it off in half an hour" I smiled
"It's okay, I'd do anything to help a pretty girl crying" he winked at me. Wow hello beautifies!

"I'm harry by the way" he held his hand out for me too shake it
"Bethan" I took his hand and smiled
"So Bethan, fancy telling me a bit more about yourself?" He asked
He knew basically everything about me, that i was 16, how I lived on the outskirts of London with my mum and dad but i rarely saw them as they where always working he knew I had a cat called Molly, that I went to an all girls school. I knew some things about him as wel hes 16, he lived in Cheshire with his mum, step-dad and sister but hes lived in london for two months becaise he is on x-factor, how he has a cat called dusty, his favorie colours blue. Then it hit me he was Harry Styles! "Omg your harry styles, i though i regonised you, my cousin is obsessed with you" he laughed at my comment!
It felt like hours had past and I worrying Tom wasn't going to come but all of a sudden he appeared round the corner I signed in relief, i ran over to him, he handed me my bag, kissed me in the cheek and said goodbye. I walked back over too harry who was still sat on the bench waiting for me.
"Hey, I um better go I have a train to catch and my mum will be worrying where I am" i said in disappointment
"Oh yeah, bye Bethan" he gave me a hug that made me tingle inside! He smelt so good!
As soon as I was about to turn around to walk away I heard him shout
"Bethan, do you think I could have your number, so maybe we could meet up sometime?"
"Yeah I'd like that" I quickly gave him my phone so he could type his number in.
"Bye gorgeous" he said whilst winking. Oh my this boy gave me shivers up my spine no wonder the whole world was obssed with him! I walked off felling very happy until i remembered what had happened with Tom then my heart sunk.
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