Unexpected (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Bethan has always been friends with Tom but one day he decides to tell her how he feels about her. Bethan is left stranded on the streets of London until she bumps into a certain curly hair boy, will this change things forever?


5. First day back

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blasting out annoying music! I threw me teddy at it thinking it would stop, but clearly It wouldn't. I pulled my self out of bed and turned it off! I suddenly remembered I had school today this made me even grumpier i wasn't a morning person! I slipped on a pair of black skinny jeans that made my bum look super nice if I might add, I pulled on a white tank top and my black blazer on top with my Alexander McQueen scarf! I brushed my teeth and grappled my phone I ran downstairs and out of the door. Sprinting to the bus stop! I knew I would have to tell my two bestfriends Abbie and Hollie what had happened yesterday with Harry and Tom. After a long fifteen minute bus ride I was finally at school, i walked up the concreat steps and into the school. I met Abbie and Hollie in home room and I was right I ended telling them everything. I felt emotionally drained after that! The bell rang signalling its time for class, I said bye to the girls and walked off down the corridor to science! First day back from the holiday are always the worst, more work, more homework! I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket I pulled it out trying not to get caught, it was from harry, seeing his name he called him self in my phone made me giggle.
From- Sexy Harryyy:*
Hey babe, you didn't answer last night so I guessed you where asleep, i was wondering when your next free so we could meet up, only if you want to though? Love h xx
To- Sexy Harryyy:*
Heyy, I like your name in my phone;) cheeky;) I'd love that, I'm free on Wednesday lunch time ish? Love b xx
From- Sexy Harryyy:*
Ooo I know;) how about we meet in Nando's in convent garden at about 1 on Wednesday? Love h xx
To- Sexy Harryyy:*
That's great see you there!:D love b xxx

Was it possible to fall for someone you only met a day ago?
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