The Day That Changed My Life (1SHOT41D)

"Beep! Beep!" I honked my car, waiting impatiently for the big, red bus to drive off. Shortly, five handsome boys then came out off it, discussing something. I was getting frustrated and decided to change lane. Before I could drive off, the five boys came towards my car. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was ONE DIRECTION! I was on the way to the arena and the boys' bus had broken down. They had to be there by an hour and I immediately agreed to drive them there. After all, I was a HUGE fan! What happened next really changed my life.


1. Concert

Jeanette's POV.

"Wait for me!" I shouted from my room.

"Nope! Bye!" Lorraine called out and the next second, I heard the door slam and a car engine starting. I looked out of the window, shouting at Lorraine to come back. But she never turned back. I sighed, quickly changing up and heading towards my car in the driveway. I quickly started it and soon, I was on my way to the concert, with the ticket in my pocket.

        Awhile later, a big red bus stopped in front of my car. Traffic was heavy and it was peak hour so everyone was heading home to different parts of London. Frustrated and wanting to get to the arena sooner, I decided to move into the next lane, not waiting for the bus to move. No matter how loud I honked, it still wouldn't budge. Not an inch at all! Before I could turn into the lane, five handsome-looking boys walked out, discussing something. I watched them closely, finding them familiar. Moments later, they walked towards my car. I stared at them in disbelief. 

        It was ONE DIRECTION! Their bus had broken down and they had to get to the arena. I was a fan and immediately agreed to them. On the way there, we were chatting like old friends who had lost contact and we talked about all kinds of stuff. After the concert, Lorraine and I were invited backstage to meet them. They were very thankful to me and they exchanged their numbers with Lorraine and I.

*A few days later*.

"Hi Jeanette, you free on Valnetine's Day? Would like to take you out for dinner." I received the message and quickly replied.

"Sure! Can't wait! :)" I quickly press the send button, running to Lorraine's room.

"Lorraine! Harry has invited me on a date! He is meeting up with me on Valentine's Day!"

She congratulated me, wishing me all the best.

*Valentine's Day*

"Ding dong!"

"Lorraine! Answer the door! I'm changing!" I shouted from the bathroom.

"Harry's here! Quickly!" She replied.

Minutes later, I rushed own the staircase, holding a clutch and wearing a knee-length blue dress which I had bought earlier in the day. Harry's jaw was hanging open before I walked over to him, hooking my arm into his before walking out together to his Range Rover. Being a gentleman, he opened the door, helping me into the car. "Please enter, milady," before bowing and closing the door after I had gotten in. He walked to the driver's side, getting into the car aswell an driving to a quiet and peaceful beach. He had decorated the place nicely and had cooked the food by himself. After dinner, we sat on the soft sand, enjoying the gentle breeze while talking about random things. Before getting up to leave, I tripped over my dress, which caused me to fall on Harry, who had already stood up. He fell backwards on the sand, with me on top of him. The next thing I felt was soft lips on my own. Sparks flew and fireworks burst. It was perfect.

That eventful day I met One Direction really changed my life. It sure has been one hell of a roller-coaster.

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