One direction imagines

I will be posting daily imagines! I also will be taking requests! Comment if you would like one. I need your name, which boy, if there I anything specific you would like in it. I will also be taking mature requests, I will let you know when and where ill be posting those. But these are not going to be dirty any way.


2. Niall imagine

Imagine: "sweetheart wake up! Wake up!" Niall yelled, jumping on your bed. "It's breakfast time!" You slowly rolled over, sleep still in your eyes. "Yes, I know Niall. Calm down! I'll make breakfast in a minute..." You say slowly slipping back in the dream world. You could still here Niall, but he got distant the deeper into sleep you went. Then suddenly you jolted awake and found yourself in a peculiar room. It was beautiful.. Yet scary.. You looked around. It was similar to your and Nialls room. But something was different.. Not quite right. You decide to look around. It had baby blue walls, Irish decor everywhere, a king sized bed, mahogany dresser and vanity, and a balcony looking out into Ireland. The beauty was memorizing, you wanted to show Niall. But where was he? You looked through the whole house but found him no where. You went outside, no Niall anywhere. Then you heard a low, gruff, yet familiar voice. "Hey babe."

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