One direction imagines

I will be posting daily imagines! I also will be taking requests! Comment if you would like one. I need your name, which boy, if there I anything specific you would like in it. I will also be taking mature requests, I will let you know when and where ill be posting those. But these are not going to be dirty any way.


3. Niall imagine ~ You Found Me ~ AlexisHoran143

Imagine you are sitting in the hot sand of a beach in Spain. You are sunbathing in your new VS cheetah print swimsuit, and relaxing with with your gal pals. It's only 10:25 but the sun is already beating down on you. You decide to go for a dip in the cool, blue, water. You run to the shore line and dive in, you swim for hours. When it's about 1:00 you decide to get out. You take one last plunge deeper. When you trie to swim up your swimsuit gets caught on something and you can't get free or swim away. "I'm doomed!" You think to yourself as you struggle to get free. Then a muscular arm wraps around you and rips you free. You can't really tell who your hero is, all you know is that he has blonde hair. He pulls you ashore.
"Are you okay, love?" He asks in a thick Irish accent.
"Y..yeah, thanks. I'm Alexis." You choke out.
"You're welcome, I'm Niall." He smiles.
"You look like Niall Horan.." You trail off
"That's because I am Niall Horan.. But don't scream!"
"Oh.. I won't.."
"Well, I don't know about you... But I could use a bite to eat. Wanna get food?"
"Suurrre!" You stutter.
He smiles and kisses you. "I'm glad I found you."
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