One direction imagines

I will be posting daily imagines! I also will be taking requests! Comment if you would like one. I need your name, which boy, if there I anything specific you would like in it. I will also be taking mature requests, I will let you know when and where ill be posting those. But these are not going to be dirty any way.


5. Niall Imagine ~ You Belong With Me ~ I Love You <3 (Lily)

Imagine: You and Niall have been together for 3 years and you are both ready to take the next step. Marriage. You have everything planned out from the cake to the hairstyles you want on your bridesmaids. You have been so stressed with your work, wedding planning, and media drama that Niall treats you to a spa day. You go to the spa and have a relaxing day, then Niall picks you up fr dinner. Of course you go to Nandos, but that's okay, you love his face when you go to Nandos. After dinner you go for a stroll the park. You are snuggle into him, one of his arms draped over you. A paparazzi jumps out of the bushes and starts yelling horrible things at you and make you feel horrible. Niall yells at him and rushes you away. You get back to the car and you hugs you.
"Don't listen to him, Lily. You are beautiful and so smart." He says kissing you.
"It's hard not to listen. They all say I am not good enough." You start to cry.
"That's a lie, you belong with me." He said hugging you "I love you no matter what!"
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