One direction imagines

I will be posting daily imagines! I also will be taking requests! Comment if you would like one. I need your name, which boy, if there I anything specific you would like in it. I will also be taking mature requests, I will let you know when and where ill be posting those. But these are not going to be dirty any way.


4. Niall imagine ~ Puppy Love ~ Hannah_banana16 (Hannah)

Imagine it's a raining day in London. You are walking the streets looking for your lost puppy, Butterscotch, she escaped from your flat the night before. You searched for her until midnight, and you were out again. Your best friend, Alex, was looking for her on the other side of town. You had lost all hope, until you saw here.
"There she is!" You squealed to Alex on the phone.
" where is she?" Alex asked confused.
"Oh sorry, right out side the bakery.. With some boy.." You murmured back into the cellular device.
"What bo...." You dropped your phone and took off running after the boy, before she even finished her question.
You ran up to the boy and started making a scene. "Who are you? Why did you take my dog?!?" You screamed shrilly.
"I'm Niall and I didn't steal your dog. I found her and was trying to find the owner... Who I assume is you.." He answered calmly
"Oh.. Sorry. I've been really stressed and I have been looking for her all day, so I just assumed you took her.." You said realizing you had just screamed at Niall Horan.
"It's fine, I would have done the same thing if my food was missing. " He said smiling.You blush, then bend down to pet butterscotch. "You have beautiful eyes.. Um.." He says waiting for your name.
"Oh, thank you. And it's Hannah." You say blushing even more.
"You're welcome, and I love your name, I've always had a thing for Hannah's.." He trailed off in his thick, Irish accent.
"I've always had a thing for Irish boys.."
"Well, I think we would make a beautiful couple!" He said cheerfully
You thought you may faint, Niall Horan had just referred to you and him as a couple, your dreams might just come true.
"Are you flirting with me, Mr. Horan?"
"Only if you want me to be." He winks.
"I am honored!" You both giggle, "would you like to come my flat and have a cup of tea?" You ask.
"Will there be food?" He ask curiously.
"Certainly. Lots of food."
"In that case I would be honored to."
The three of you, Niall, Butterscotch, and yourself, walk back to your flat. Where you spend the rest of the night eating and getting to know each other. And now you have been together for 2 1/2 years, all because of a puppy.
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