First kiss ( official)

So I've never really had my first kiss... I'm sixteen, live Sydney I go to a little church in the shire. I want my first kiss to be special like fireworks and you know that, like you get the feeling that person is the one! But I'm to scared it won't be special, perfect, magical so I wait. And boys aren't really waiting line to kiss me, I think they'd rather pay not to!! I know I'm sounding as if a kiss is like losing my virginity but for some reason I just want it with someone special... Anywhoo tomorrow  ( valentines day) I'm going to a one direction book signing WHOOP WHOOP!! Maybe ill get my first kiss their!!! 


2. Texting

Rebecca's P.O.V
Ahhhhh home at last. Today was the best day of my life!!! But it was also the most tiring.. It was so annoying cause when I walked out I was pushed over by heaps of girls screaming at me where Niall is. It was horrible, I have blood spots in random place cause of them stupid girls!! So I lied to them and said ' I just showed him wear the food was that his management ordered! I didn't fricken rape him or something!!' and when I said that they started back off, yay. But still they didn't have to push me to the ground. When I got up I walked back in line to meet the other guys I asked them to sign my cd and my book. They were very sweet but Niall was different I felt like we had chemistry, you know that feeling you get that you just want to kill someone? Well not that one... Hahaha!! The feeling like he's the one. But I'll never see him again. Isn't that the most romantic thing ever!! 

Niall's P.O.V 
Oh my f* cking gosh!!! She was amazing, perfect, gorgeous, sweet, sexy, flirty I could go on forever!! What should I do wait she left her number in my pocket. I pull it out and there it is her number. Should I call her? Yes? No? Agghhh I don't know!! Okey she's probably going home so I'll txt her in the morning. 
The next day...
It's 9:30 is it too early? Okey I'll txt her 
' good morning beautiful
It's Niall xx' 

Bec's P.O.V
BUZZ BUZZ ' aggghhhhh why would someone txt me this early?' I say out loud. 9:30 I guess that's reasonable . Hmmm 'good morning beautiful, it's Niall xx' "OH MY FUCKING GOSH" I scream I totally did not expect a txt from Niall I thought it would be from my mum or someone not important ( no offence mum). What should I txt? 
' morning handsome 
It's 9:30 you should be asleep! Its so early haha :P'

' haha i wish, did I wake you up?' Niall replyed

' yeah!! You should feel bad!' 

' oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to! You can go back to sleep if you want.' 

' no, no I'm joking. Well you did wake me up but I'm not upset, I really should get up.' 

' ok good, but can I ask you something?' 

'sure anything' 

' was I really your first kiss?' 

' yes'

' do you like nandos??' 

' of corse!! Who in their right mind wouldn't like nandos?'

'would you like to get some, tomorrow night at 7?'

' not 7am but yes to 7pm haha' 

' awwwww I was thinking 7am :'( jokes haha' 

' did you just laugh at your own joke, haha?'

' shhhhh!! No one else knows!' 

' okey I wont tell no one'

'so it's on for 7PM.'

 ' yes!! I've got to go and have breky'

Oh my gosh!!! I've got a date with The Niall Horan !!!
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