First kiss ( official)

So I've never really had my first kiss... I'm sixteen, live Sydney I go to a little church in the shire. I want my first kiss to be special like fireworks and you know that, like you get the feeling that person is the one! But I'm to scared it won't be special, perfect, magical so I wait. And boys aren't really waiting line to kiss me, I think they'd rather pay not to!! I know I'm sounding as if a kiss is like losing my virginity but for some reason I just want it with someone special... Anywhoo tomorrow  ( valentines day) I'm going to a one direction book signing WHOOP WHOOP!! Maybe ill get my first kiss their!!! 


1. book signing

Omg the girls screaming are giving me a headache! Why don't they just shut the f*ck up!!! Aggghhhhh they are blowing my blood ear drums off! I feel so sorry for one direction I'm amazed they can still hear. Omg omg omg I'm getting closer to the boys!!! But I got to calm and defiantly NOT fangirl they hate that. Breathe in and out in and out . 

' hello beautiful, what's your name?' Niall said to me. I was stunned I couldn't say a word.. Not one shit. Okey Niall just asked for my name say it calmly. Now for gosh sakes!!!! 
' ahhh hi, I'm Rebecca but you can call me bec' I said finally getting my cool back . Haha as if I'm cool.. 'pretty name for a pretty face now there has to be something wrong with your personality cause you can't be that perfect?' he said winking at me. Omg he winked!!! Ok ok stay calm say something flirt.' try me' I say winking back at him. ' I like you' he said laughing in a friendly way. ' so what can I do for you, love?' ' could you autograph my cd?' I asked. ' sure thing love' I passed him my cd and he signed his name. Then said ' anything else love?' ' yeah could we talk over there?' I said while pointing to these black doors. ' ohkey, but I'm not having sex with you!' 'oh honey, you'll change your mind when we get there but I'm not going to ask you that!!' I said while laughing. We walked behind the doors and there was a platform with food and a couch. 'ooooooooo, fooood!' I heard Niall yell. I cracked up laughing and ran up with him and stuffed ourselves with chips,chocolate and cinnamon donuts yummy . ' they really shouldn't leave this stuff laying about with people like us here!!' We laughed. 'Well what did you want to ask me earlier?' he asked  'ummmm.... We'll..' I stuttered while getting up off the couch, Niall did the same. ' see Niall, I've never really had my first kiss. And I've always wanted it to be with someone special. And I don't think I can think of anyone more special then you' I say awkwardly. ' well miss Rebecca would you like to kiss me?' he says coming closer. ' why yes I would like to sir Niall. But I. Afraid I'm to shy to make the first move'  I say getting closer ' you wouldn't tell all the fans about this or they would get mad, would you?' he asks getting closer. ' of corse not sir Niall. I wouldn't dare!' I say getting closer until our noses were touching. ' well that's good' he says just before he kisses me. Those lips were perfect they tasted of cinnamon and chocolate. I felt fireworks go off, sparks and like everything was trying to tell me that it was meant to be!!!! At that second I slipt a card with my phone number on it into his pocket without him realising! Yess!!! At that second I realised was kissing the NIALL HORAN. Omg omg omg ok I can't fangirl while kissing.  after 5 long seconds, we broke apart for some air, I was very sad the moment had to end but sadly it did. ' is that what you were looking for?' he asked. ' yes!!! And you should be extremely proud that you were my first kiss cause I'll never forget you!!!' ' and I'll never forget you too miss becca' he said with a sad tone  ' what's wrong?' I asked. ' ahhh nothing, we better get back out there they're probably looking for us' ' yeah they are probably worried sick about YOU!' I said just about to walk out the door when Niall asked ' aren't you going to give me your number or something?'   I giggled. ' well if you just waited till tonight and looked in your pockets.... Wow you'll find a magic card that has special words to contact me from faraway lands!' I say while walking over to him giggling, then I kissed him on the cheeks for the last time....

Or so I thought......

Hey guys I promised I would actually write it as a book not just a 1SHOT41D. But if you guys haven't read my 1SHOT41D you should please its exactly this chapter just please LIKE and FAVOURITE!!!! Please I seriously want to meet them. I know your probley thinking * well I want to meet them to bitch!!* I know you want to and good luck just please help me!!! Well anyway thanks for reading!!!
Love you
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