Love you first


1. 1

It was a normal year on school, i miss my friends they are One Direction, i miss specialy Niall we are so good friends.

*Call on*

Niall: Hey Gabriela how are you??

Me: fine you?

Niall:I want to know what you goanna do tomorow.

Me: Stay at home.

Niall: you want to go out with me?

Me: Sure.

Niall: Grat see you tomorow.

Me: Bye.

*Call off*

*My pov *

OMG i cant believe it i go out with Niall. I met him three years ago when i move to London, he was so sweet, we are like best friends, we love each other like i can´t explain, but why go out tomorow?

Wait a second, tomorow is valentine's day, oh god.

*pov off*

Niall go out with the guys to eat.

Harry: So you and Gabriela, you goana tell her...

Niall: I dont know i love her since the first moment i saw her, she understand me and i'm afraid that she don't like me.

Louis: You think that?!

Niall. Yes.

Liam: I know a thing but is better she tell you, just make her feel loved tomorow.

Niall. Why?

Zayn: She told us a thing so is better you run and make a special date.

Niall: But why.

Louis: Do you love her?


Harry: Just do what we tell you!

The boys stay at the  restaurant and i call to my friens Sarah to help me and my cousin Josh ( yes my cousin is the drumer of One Direction) and we go to the shopping.


Sarah:Hey honey, so you and Niall...

Josh: I alway new...

Me Really you think that? I don't Know if he loves me. He's my best friend, my love, but he have a lot of oter girls around me he'll never shose me.

Josh: Don't think like that, he speak in you every day, he sings and in the final of the concerts he say " i wish Gabriela was here with me".

Sarah: You see he likes you and you don't have nothing to lose.

Me: ok you're right, so lets do some shopping for my "special" day?

Josh:Why i'm here?

Sarah: Dah we need a boy opinion.


*my pov*

Ok i have to tell Niall what i feel for him, i love him and i don't have nothing to lose, ok i have, his friendship, but i'm feeling so bad without tell him what i feel for him.

*My pov off*

Niall was with thw boys.

Niall: I need help.

Harry: Really?

Niall: I don't know what i goanna do.

Louis. Call Josh.

Niall: Why Josh?

Liam: He's gabriela's cousin.

Zayn: He's with her right now.

Niall: Ok i call him.

Niall call to josh and he go running, and i finish my shopping, i don't buy nothing too extravagant, just jeans, a t-shit, shoes and my favourite acessories laces.

I go to my house and i start to prepare myself and Sarah help me with the hair and make up, i was so excited when Niall arrive.

Niall: OMG! You're amazing!

Me: you too.

Niall: So we go?

Me: Yes.

He take me to a park and we stay looking at the stars, and next he take me to a restaurant and in the end we go to the park again but this time the park was full of candles and he pick his guittar and start to sing to me.

Niall: You know i'll be your.....

Me: I have something to tell you.

Niall. Wha?

Me: Since the moment i know you in the school and you become my best friend i fall in love with you i know i can lose your friendship  but i was felling so bad without telling you what i feel....

He put his finger in my mouth and give me a kiss, it was so slowly and sweet and i cant explai, it was the best kiss ever, we can't separate our lips, we fall and he never stop to kiss me until i pull him off because i have to breath.

Me: Dear god! What was that for?

Niall: I love you since the first second i saw you, i can't live without you.

Me: i love you too a lot.

Niall: Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Me: Yes. Of course.

He kisss me again and we never stop, it was the perfect valentine's day, in the end we fall at sleep together in the park.

 The end


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