2012: The best year EVER (For the Reviewing 2012 Competition)

This is my review on the highs and lows of 2012. The moments that got my excited, jumping up and down, and the moments that bought tears to my eyes.


1. The year that changed me

For me 2012 has been a top year. A that was full of so many extraordinary events. A year that was full of memories that I never want to let go of, and a year where we shed a tear at the tragic occasions.


So what made 2012 so magical? Well, it all started in February 2012, on Valentine's Day, when 5 of the HOTTEST boys to walk the planet, took to America in hopes of making themselves a name over the pond. Yes, I'm talking about Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry, better known as One Direction.  When these boys stepped on to American soil, they weren't expecting the reception they got, it was clear the One Direction were already big before they had even stepped off of the plane, and on Valentine's Day, their debut album, Up All Night, shot to number 1. The boys didn't stop there though, they went on to traveling the world, conquering every known country. In November their second Album, Take Me Home, went to number 1 in over 20 countries, and in the middle of February, Liam announced that the band were planning a world tour in 2013. So it is clear that 2012 held big things for the band, with bigger things promised in their future.


But it wasn't just One Direction that dominated music headlines, (Although they did occupy most of them). JLS, were just as big, as they created their fourth studio album, Evolution. Made a new perfume, called Kiss, (another one called Love already in shops this year). And become THE HARDEST WORKING BAND, for the second year in the row. They won a MOBO, and of course on the 27th July, Marvin Humes married the lovely Saturdays' member Rochelle Wiseman. So another stellar year for the group. Emeli Sande, had a fabulous year as well, winning 'The Critics Choice Brit Award' at the beginning of the year, and not slowing down since.


So a really big year in music, and it was also a big year for films. 2012 saw the 4th Ice Age film, another funny adventure for our prehistoric friends, as they battled uncharted waters in their quest to get back home, after the continents drift away from one another. Another movie that set nearly everyone in excitement, and hard-core fans, like me, crying; was the fifth and final installment of Stephanie Meyers' franchise: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Part 2. In which we see the Hunky Edward Cullen (AKA Robert Pattinson) and his newly turned vampire wife, Bella (aka Kristen Stewart), team up with werewolves; Jacob, Leah and Seth, and other vampire covens to defeat the terrifying Volturi, and prove that their Child, Reneesme, was not an immortal child. The final installment was a teary moment for fans who didn't want to say goodbye to the characters, and the film was definitely a memorable moment in the year, but not half as memorable as the split between R-Pattz and K-Stew, after the scandalous affair between her and her 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director. The pair seemed relaxed together as they walked the red carpet, but by the end of the year. R-Pattz confirmed that he was calling their relationship quits. (I think most of the fans are glad that R-Pattz is back on the market). Other big films were: Taken 2, Life of Pi, The Amazing Spider man, and The Avengers Assemble.


Once again entertainment played a big part in our lives. But they weren't the only events to happen. 2012, saw Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth 2 celebrate her 60th year on the throne. Her diamond Jubilee was spent in style, and lasted 4 days, which was full of trips around the UK, displays, and ended with a concert with the likes, of JLS and Gary Barlow performing for the Queen.


Over a month later London, Great Britain hosted one of the biggest events ever. The Olympic and Paralympic games. And we put on a great show, great stadiums, great games, and a GREAT performance. We literally were GREAT BRITAIN. Our wonderful athletes in both Olympic and Paralympic events did an outstanding job walking away with 185 medals between them, (65 Olympic and 120 Paralympic), 63 of these medals were gold, and we came 3rd in both tables. The London 2012 Olympics really did 'Inspire a generation.'


So there are the highs from 2012. But what is a year without some tragedies? We many have achieved new heights, but we also had low occasions. School shootings, the loss of a music legend, in the form of Whitney Houston, and horrific Jimmy Savile claims.


So that is my year review, all my highs and lows, here is to another great year. WISHING EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY 2013.

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