Hospital Valentine <3 (1D 1SHOT)

this is a story of a girl, just one thing makes her different from a lot, she has Leukemia. She enters the movellas competition but what will ruin her day?


1. Hospital Valneine (short story)

Hospital Valentine

*Please note I do not have any form of cancer I’m just trying to represent how people that do have cancer would feel if they had a great experience and what life’s like for them*

Sitting in a dark, uncomfortable hospital room sometimes becomes almost unbearable.  Although this is my life now. I grab the bucket from the bedside table next to my extremely uncomfortable hospital bed when I get the sickening urge I need to vomit. I hate it. Since I was 7 I’ve had to deal with a life full of gruelling chemotherapy and numerous operations to keep me alive one day at a time. I’m sick of it. It’s like I’m living in a constant nightmare that I can’t escape.  I feel the burning travelling up my throat and acidic taste burst into my mouth. My Mum wakes to the sound of me vomiting and dry reaching.

“Go back to sleep, I know you need it.” I urge my mum with my barely audible voice.

“But Kyra-“

“Mum, I’m fine this is my life now, I’ve learnt to deal with it, just close your eyes. If I need you I’ll wake you up or call for the doctor.” I say, my voice cracking worse by each word. I try my best to offer a reasonable smile.

“Alright… but if you need anything-“

“Just let you know, it’s fine Mum, I know. “

“If you say so…” My Mum says already drifting off into oblivion.

So you’re probably wondering why I’m always in hospital. Well the truth is I have Leukaemia, I’m 15 and I was diagnosed with cancer when I was seven and my name is Kyra. I sadly have no other siblings because when I was diagnosed Mum devoted her life to care for me. My Dad, well, he left when I was 3 and got hit by a car and went into a coma in critical condition and eventually dies when I was almost 6. My Mum also has severe depression, sometimes I blame myself for it, if I wasn’t sick she wouldn’t be in this state of mind and have to live the way she lives. I’m currently in hospital getting dosed up on chemotherapy, it makes you fell gross and look ugly but hey, I’m still here and breathing so that’s the main thing, right?

I’m not always lonely sometimes my cousins and aunt’s visit; even my friends from school before I was diagnosed have stuck by me and supported me through this whole adventure. My friends surprised me last year and shaved their heads and raised over $3000 for the leukaemia foundation, when I found out I was in hysterics tears streaming down my face because of how supportive they have been throughout this whole experience.

It was my birthday 3 days ago, my family saved up to buy me a laptop and portable dvd player for when I’m in hospital. I was wrapped! Oh, just one last thing my absolute favourite band is ONE DIRECTION! They have helped me throughout the past year so much.

After half an hour I feel much better and decide to go on Facebook and this website my friend got me into called Movellas. It’s  the only place where I can express my feelings through writing, I have a few hundred fans but having fans or likes and whatever doesn’t bother me I just like the fact of being able to express my lie and feelings. I go onto the home page having a general check when I get blinded by the most gorgeous picture, five boys, indescribably hot… One direction! I click onto the picture and get sent to a page which tells me it’s a competition where you must incorporate One direction and Valentine’s Day into a short story or paragraph and the person with the most likes gets to spend the day with Liam and Harry from One Direction! Obviously I wasn’t going to win but it was better to enter to pass time. After an hour and a half my story is done, it’s pretty good I guess, but it’s still a few days until the competition end so I don’t know what will happen until then. I get discharged from the hospital shortly after and I am excited to get home to check to see if I got any likes.

I get home after a 25 minute drive and go to my room where I become consumed into my laptop watching  my views and likes rise to hundreds, I honestly didn’t think it was that good. I go into the lounge room and act natural, if Mum found out I entered a competition without her permission she’d be furious!

Over the next week and a half I have almost 1500 likes! Although there is another movella catching up, only the next few hours will decide who wins. By 12:01 it has finally hit me, I have just won a competition to meet One Direction! I quietly rush to the kitchen and take up the phone and I’m about to dial my friend Cady when…

“Kyra, what are you doing?” Mum says half asleep.

“Ummmm, ahhhh, ah, umm.. oh yeah just  getting a drink I’m not feeling the best.” I say as an excuse, as you may have noticed I still haven’t told Mum about the competition, I didn’t think I would win so it was pointless. Right?

“Do you need me to take you to the hospital?” Mum say cautiously in suspense.

“Oh nahh, it’s just a bit hot, I’ll be alright.” I say saving myself yet again from a long conversation.

“Alright, just get to bed and if you don’t feel well in ahour wake me up. Alright?”

‘Yep, sure Mum, night.”

“Night sweetie.” Mum says as she walks back to her room reminding me of a zombie.

I dial Cady’s number and just as it’s about to run off the line I hear a faint voice;

“Kyra? Why are you calling so late? Is something wrong?”

In a nice calm voice I reply;

“ I’m fine, I was just wondering if you wanted to meet Harry and Liam with me for Valentines Day on a private jet?”

“Wait did you just say-“


Cady screams so loud I swear she burst my eardrum. Just the usual Cady hahahaha.

“OMG!! Are you serious?!”

“Yes!” I say trying my best not to be loud.

“OMG! Thank you so much Kyra, you are coming over tomorrow, I’ll let my Mum know in the morning!”

“Sure, sorry got to go love you.” I say about to hang up when Cady adds;

“I can’t thank you enough!” She then hangs up.


It’s midday and I feel gross. I got a blood nose this morning and I am constantly throwing up. I haven’t told Mum because I really can’t go to hospital the day before I meet the biggest boy band in the world!

  It’s now two and I feel like I want to just sleep away this scary nightmare called reality. From then on I see black.

I wake up to be in my usual hospital room. I must have passed out, great. I grab my phone from the bed side table and look at the time 10:30am, on VALENTINES DAY! I start to cry when I realise I have lost my chance and my best friends chance to meet One Direction because of me! The doctors must have heard me crying and rushed in my room asking non-stop questions if I’m alright.

“I’M FINE!” I scream over the loud chatter in the room.

“But Kyra I have a supri-“

“But nothing Mum just go I feel like crap and I just want to stay alone.” I yell tears streaming down my face.

“If you say so…” My Mother says before leaving the room back arched and looking tired and upset, why did I go off at her like that, she was only trying to make me feel better?

Moments pass and I sit under my bed covers and cry, why do I have to be like this? I’m ugly, I have no hair and I wish cancer never existed! Suddenly I hear a knock on the door and the door open.

“Just leave Mum you don’t want to see me like this.”

“But we do.” I get a shock when I hear a British accent I pull the covers down just so my eyes can see.

“*SCREAMS* OMG!.” Is all I manage to get out, I see Harry and Liam from One Direction along with my best friend, flowers in hand a box of chocolates.

With tears of happiness running down my face Liam says in the amazing accent;

“The Movellas team called us to let us know they had to cancel, we asked why and they said you were in hospital and that you had Leukaemia, we couldn’t bare knowing that you have cancer and you wouldn’t be able o see us so we went through management and bent the rules meaning we were able to see you, here.” And he passes me the chocolates and Harry passes me the flowers and kisses me on the cheek.

One last single tear runs down me check and I whisper;

“Thankyou.” We then spend the night talking and when Liam left Harry hung behind resting me to sleep.

“You really are beautiful you know?” Harry whispers as I’m almost asleep and I look at him and we share a kiss.

2 years down the track we a still both dating, that night was the most amazing night I have ever had, Harry has continued to support me through my rough times and going past management as much as he can to care for me.

I could never ask for a better Valentine.

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