The Tyrannosaurus Rex Who Sold Lemeatnade

The Tyrannosuarus Rex who wanted a car so he sold lemeatnade.


1. I really want a car!

One day there was a Tyrannosaurus Rex who wanted to drive so much. His name was Rex Meater. “I wish I could just drive a Ferrari promptly to my workshop”, thought Rex. His workshop was named after his first name, Rex’s Tree House. Rex could not ask his mom or dad for money for a Ferrari, so he always went on a bus which took seniors to places in Tyran Town. Rex always got bored in there so he thought to himself. “I should make a Lemonade stand”, supposed Rex. But he knew the meat eaters in this town won’t like it because they always love meat and an idea popped up in his massive brain, “I could put the meat in the Lemonade, I will call it Lemeatnade”. He knew that Lemeatnade would be a sensation all around Trearth. He launched out of the senior’s bus and sprinted to his house. Rex chopped down his Try Tree then carved it into a Lemeatnade stand. He started getting hungry because of all the work that he had done. Rex went to the Dinersuarus then bit a baby Triceratops. He got an idea again! “I ought to use the blood to decorate the stand”. So he asked the attendant if he could take his food back. “Yes you can, but you need to pay”, answered the waitress. But Rex knew he didn’t have money to pay her, so he said “can I pay you back in 1 week?” “Yes you can but only in 1 week or else you get doubled by the price”, replied the waitress. Rex quickly ran back to his lemeatnade stand and poured the blood into a sprayer bottle then started spraying it on his lemeatnade stand and it started looking meaty. In no time the customers started lining up for the Lemeatnade. He was earning a fortune. By the time it was 6:30 P.M the stand was closed. He just remembered that he still owed the waitress at Dinasuarus. Rex sprinted to Dinasuarus then paid the money. “Thank you Mr. Rex” said the attendant. Then he ran to the car showroom and bought a Ferrari and drove it as fast as he could. Rex felt like he was in Heaven. He knew that if he sold more Lemeatnade he would be a millionaire, not a billionaire, not a squillionaire. After about quarter of an hour Rex headed home and started falling asleep because of all of his work that he has done. It had been a long day.


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