My last breath

In mystic falls after Elena turn someone comes into their lives who apparently the oringinals know


2. We meet again

Celestine's been living with them for about a week and a half and now it's about 11 PM
' can you see into my eyes like open doors? I felt somewhere safe,wake me up inside!....' They hear someone sing
Elena,Stefan and Elena walk into the library where Celestine was playing on the piano
'....all I wanted to say is that I love you and I'm not afraid' She sang and just when she finished the song the doorbell rang
But Celestine didn't notice and kept on playing
'Hello Damon' Klaus says
'Hello Stefan' Rebeckah says
'Hello Damon' Elijah says
'Hello Damon' Kol says
'What do you want?' Damon snarls
'We just wanted to dis-' klaus starts to say but Elijah stops him 'do you hear that?' He asks referring to Celestine
'Oh sorry we have a little house guest' Damon says but even before he finished the whole family ran into the library
'Celestine!' Elijah exclaims when he sees her
She looks up and smirks 'well if it isn't the oringinals'
'You know her?!' Elena exclaims
'Oh please! Kol, Elijah and klaus were all in love with me' Celestine replies
'What happened?' Stefan asks
'She ran off and then she left us broken and we all came closer and made sure she didn't come back and make us fall for us' Elijah replies
Celestine walks toward him and puts a hand on his cheek 'who says I can't make you fall for me again?' She asks and walks out

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