My last breath

In mystic falls after Elena turn someone comes into their lives who apparently the oringinals know


4. My past life

'She's a bitch' Kol says sitting on the balcony
'Do you really love her?' Elijah asks
'Yeah' He replies
'Well she dosen't love you' Klaus says
'How would you know?!' Kol snaps
'I just know' He replies

'HEY!' Celestine yells walking downstairs
'Good morning' Stefan yawns
Celestine grabs a piece of toast and runs back upstairs
She comes back downstairs wearing a hot pink crop top and blue shorts
Her red hair was put up into a tall ponytail
'See ya' She's grabbing the car keys
'Where are you going?' Damon asks
'For a car ride wanna come?' She asks smiling

'Where are we going?' Elena asks as we walk through trees and bushes
'Were almost there' She replies
After what seems like an enternity we push past a thick bush and behind it is a sparkling lake with a huge waterfall
'Wow' Stefan says
'What are you doing here?!?' Rebeckah roars
'I would ask the same' Celestine says
'I came here with my brothers' She replies
'Whatever' Celestine says rolling her eyes
She puts down her towel on the grass and starts taking off her clothes and underneath is a black bikini
All the boys stare at her
Celestine walks up the hill and walks into the small cave
Eventually Damon follows her into the cave
When he walks into the cave and what he spots is shocking
There's a deep lake in the middle of it and in the middle of it Celestine is swimming I'm it but she's a mermaid

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