My last breath

In mystic falls after Elena turn someone comes into their lives who apparently the oringinals know


3. Love

' Celestine was always the one to be full of surprises' Rebeckah says drinking some scotch
'Did Elijah love her a lot?' Elena asks
'Yes he was very close to her' Rebeckah replies looking a bit sad
'Save me from the nothing I become! Bleeding,screaming for you you turned me into a monster how do I survive?' Celestine sings from outside
'Did she sing a lot?'
'Not this much'
'HEY!' She yells coming back inside
She runs upstairs and slams her door shut
'So she can shape shift?'
'Yeah it so frustrating'
Celestine walks through the living room and back out the door to the back yard
We all walk out to the balcony but kol missing
We watch as Celestine sits down in the grass and kol comes up from behind her
'I still loves you' he says and he kisses her
She pulls away and smile 'your going to have to try harder' she says getting up and walking away

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