My last breath

In mystic falls after Elena turn someone comes into their lives who apparently the oringinals know


1. Hello

'So it's cool if I stay over?' Elena asks as Damon and Stefan walk through the door
'For the billionth time, YES!' Damon yells
Elena takes a jump back 'well I'm going to the bathroom' she says running to the bathroom
'I'll be going to the library' Damon says
'Elena?' Damon asks when he walks into the library
She looks up and slams the book shut 'hey Damon' She says nervously
'I thought you were in the bathroom' Damon says
'Well I just thought it would be nice to read a book' she replies
'You don't read books' Damon says suspiciously
'Hey Damon' Elena says coming into the library but stops 'Katherine?!'
'Oh please how can you say I look like that bitch' the girl says rolling her eyes
Suddenly her features start to change,her hair turns curly and long and a flaming red, her eyes turn more round and they become an Icy blue
'Who are you?' Stefan asks
'My name is Celestine moon' She replies
'Why are you here?' Elena asks
'Oh no reason I just think it would be more fun here because there's an ex-doblegagner,the legendary Salvatore brothers who tried to help katarina pertrova what better place?' She replies
'Well you can't stay' Damon says grabbing Celestine's wrist but he's arm turns a bright red 'ARGH!' He yells releasing Celestine's wrist in pain
'Thats why I'm not leaving' she replies walking out of the library
'BITCH' Damon roars
Celestine suddenly speed's back into the library and grab's Damon's other arm and makes it red
'AHHHH!!' He yells
Celestine walks out of the library looking pleased
'New idea don't piss her off' Stefan tells Damon
'Good thinking Sherlock' Damon snaps
'Boys' Elena says rolling her eyes
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