A coffee shop

This is a poem about a girl sitting in a coffee shop, then a boy appears...no, not a boy...a young man. His name, is...


1. A coffee shop


January 29, 2013

A coffee shop


Brighton, England or Brussels, Belgium maybe

Biting winter, budding spring

Significant, yes

But who knows?


All that was certain,

A coffee shop



Not just any coffee shop

A packed one



All shades and tints of brown and cream

Mimicking the drinks in their cups


My cup was brown

Tinted lightly with steamed milk

Laced with spices and brown sugar


My laptop open


As my eyes people watched

My mind dancing on the bridge of elsewhere

Child-like spirit twirling


Mundane papers break the lines of my table

Where does one line begin where the other ends?


I look down

Look at nothing

Not at the deadlines

Not at the red ink

Nor the blue

Not at the critical cursives

Not at the tables and graphs

Not at the transparent neon yellow

                        Green, orange

                        Marring the bold typeface underneath


Simply look


Eyes glazed over

Barely breathing

            Or taking in huge amounts


Can’t tell the difference anyway


Jaw slack

Small, soft soulful hands

            Limp in lap

One ankle

tucked behind the other


Maybe a lip bite in anticipation of a thought

Fleeting to and fro

Tempting a smile

A laugh


And then


A boy

A handsome boy

Tall, strong, with kind eyes

Not a boy

            But a man

A young man

Tall, strong, with kind eyes


No one takes notice

Not even me

            Not at first

Too many coffee cups steaming

            They’re attention seekers

Too many children of weary mothers, fathers

            With nowhere to say no

Too many elders patiently waiting

            For death? Really?

            At the hands of a book?

Too many people

            Shades and tints of brown and cream

            Vying for each other’s attention

Marked papers and pried laptops

Which line begins where the other ends?


He sits

Right there

Filling my bubble


His warm cologne

Plugs my nostrils pleasantly

Wraps a hand around my throat


Coaxing me, alert


No more muted people

No more nothingness to see

No more twirling on the bridge

No glaze

No limp

No tuck


Just him


And me


Him and me and the people

            Brown and cream


He smiles a laugh

            It somehow seeps through

His teeth are chalk bright

His lips soft pink petals

His jaw strong, defined

His nose like a button found


His eyes like coffee













                                    Ever so slightly


His lips part and close

Part and close

Framing the words, “hello”


My lips echo his




Make up for your social blunder

Attempt a friendly wave

           Manage to smack him in the face

                          How horrifying


Scramble your apologizes

Fumble your words

Trip, unnecessarily, over your tongue

            As is your forte




It was swift


His fingers snapping around my wrist

So lithe

            You never saw it coming




His nose grazes my arm

            Where the veins can’t hide

            Where the bones whisper

Inviting in my scent


His lips come next

Touch me softly

            Breath catches

            Pulse heightens

            Cold and hot and hot and cold


Tongue last

He slips the pink muscle from its chalk stick cages

            So sleek

            A python would be envious

Taste buds commenting now

On my skin

            Does she taste like chocolate?

            Like nutmeg?

            Like coffee?



But then

           Her lips might


At least,

That’s what they tell you

Cold and hot and hot and cold and


No one seems to notice

Too many people

Too many books

Too many voices

Too many cups

too much coffee


It was a kiss she will always remember

It was a kiss he will never forget


Soft lips on soft lips

His hands curled in hers

Fire blazing in their hearths


Pools of heat redden their faces

            Sound their hearts

            Pound their veins

Pools of heat

            Close their eyes

            Rob their ears

                        hear only each other’s name

Pools of heat

            Smoother inhibitions

            Temper humiliation

            Stoke their passions


THE kiss

            It was









© Copyright 2013-2014 Zelezele

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