Terror Call

Alice is a captive, one held against her will in a hidden fortress deep in the country. Millions of kids are kept there, they are all test subjects of the new Ivincio program, a secret program run by the the government. Will Alice ever escape the fortress, or is she destined to die?
*NOTE* I have nothing against any government, I'm just using this as storyline!


2. Two

Darcy's POV


I smiled as Adam hugged Alice. Such a cute couple. But.... I can't help but hate it. Laughing, I clutched the book behind my back, that I had asked the prison guards to get me when I was younger. I loved the book, and I thought Alice would love it too.


"Alice! Guess what today is!" I yelled, startling both her and Adam.


"What?" Alice asked me curiously, and sat down on the bench next to me.


"YOUR BIRTHDAY!" I shouted, and she fell off the bench in surprise. "♪ Here's your present!♪" I sang as I handed her my book. It was the one thing that i didn't throw around, and it was in perfect condition.


"ALICE IN WONDERLAND! WOW! THANKS DARCE!" she screamed as she what book it was. We had seen the movie in 2010 (Because we occasionally get movie night) and she wanted to read the real version.

I laughed as she spun around happily, the chains binding her wrists together clinking with every move. She was beautiful. I ran my hand through my blood red hair, then started picking at my shoes.

"No need to get over-exited. Because I was able to hypnotise one of the guards today, I might be able to get him to bring me a cake!" I laugh, and Alice gasps.

"You did that for me? Thank you so much!" She cries happily, then fings her arms around my shoulders. I rest my head against hers, my fingers interwined with hers on my right shoulder. Everyone says I have the most beautiful fingers, and they're very long, wich is a product of the testing they do on us here. So I have spidery fingers, they're really, really skiny and the nails are short but feminine, adding a bit of grace to my too-long-for-other's-liking-fingers. Alice loved them though. Smiling I close my eyes. And bask in the warmth of her happiness.



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