My first love

Hi I'm danny and me and my sis aka my cousin Carly love one direction and would do eny thing to meet them. This is how it happend we were walking acros the street in London and I stopped to see a bus coming strate for me I froze but to my surprise I was pushed out of the way. I look up to see.............. Guess you have to read and find out. This is my first fanfic so feed back would be grate thanks much love


2. True feelings

Carly's P.O.V

WOW NO WAY NO WAY I'm here with the boys crazy right .i cant believe it ether . Wow a dream come true and danny does not look like she cares. I have not said a word the hole Time hoping not to make a fool of my self. i I have deep feelings for them and don't want to scare them and ruin my chances with Harry or Niall seance both of them are the only ones single. "So " danny started to say then took a long pause. " where exactly are we going?" She finally said . I was wondering to but right now I'm going crazy in side so I said nothing

Harry's P.O.V

Wow she's so pretty and I love her hair and her style and her eyes but I love he name ......Carly when I say it it has a sweet taste like candy. " Harry.........Harry............HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!" Niall yelled waking me up form my daydream and probably making me defe. " WHAT!!" I yelled not realizing my tone or volume. I felt so bad nialls like a sick flower sometimes and is easily broken. " Niall.......... I'm .....I'm so sorry mate I did not mean to yell ." I looked at him with sad eyes and he could tell ," it's cool hazza it's my fault I should not have yelled ........ But you were about to walk right smack in to that bus stop pole." Every one laughed at me for the rest of the walk to the hotel but on the bright side I here her laugh and it is the CUTEST thing ever .
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