My first love

Hi I'm danny and me and my sis aka my cousin Carly love one direction and would do eny thing to meet them. This is how it happend we were walking acros the street in London and I stopped to see a bus coming strate for me I froze but to my surprise I was pushed out of the way. I look up to see.............. Guess you have to read and find out. This is my first fanfic so feed back would be grate thanks much love


1. I'm glad I did not move

Danny's P.O.V

Me and my sis flew to London over somer vacation just for fun I guess. But whaling we were there we saw all the sites . Like the London bridge and the London eye. It was so beautiful I can only describe it facial expressions. The food there was amazing and the people were so polite and fancy. While we were there there was a big rode that we had to cross. As we were crossing I stopped in the middle of the rode to see a bus that was going way to fast at me and I could not move. "DANNY LOOK OUT ,MOVE ,RUN !!!!!" Carly screamed but I could not hear any thing at all , nothing but my heart betting as fast as light. Then in an instant I feel a hand on my back pushing me to the floor. All I could do was fall and I did right on my hands. I scraped them up pretty bad but better then being dead I guess. I see my sister in shock when I look at who saved me it was nun other then Niall Horan from one direction he two was on the ground. When the street cleared again the other boys ran across the street to see if we were ok ." Niall are you crazy what were you thinking." The all said in unison." I ...don't......know .....I reacted on impulse ......I'm so sorry are you alright." But I was in a trance there accents were so hot and sexy just like I imaged. " look Niall you tromitized her ." Zayn said. " no I'm ok .......I ......did not ..know what to do . Thank you so much . How can I repay you for saving me ." " no no no that's not nesicery I mean it . What are your names might I ask." " I'm danny and this is my sis Carly we don't live around here." " I can tell u have American accents." Louis replied which I thought was true sense we talked differently then they did. I think that amused them a little. " you two look a little shaken up. why ......don't...... you come ......with us to calm ......down a little. ...I...if you want . " Harry said lightly while staring at Carly . " ya we'd love to " I said answering for both of us and so we set off Carly not saying a word the hole time , you know we are directioners so she was probly shaken up from seeing them. Me too kinda but we calmly went with them to their hotel.......... I think
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