One day I'll be too little for you

Merve and her dad Titanum live alone together. Her dad still misses his wife that left them along time ago. Merve and Titanum were enough for each other, or she thought they could be. However, one day Titanum falls in love with a girl not few years older than his own daughter, her name is Mine. Titanum's life changes, he is more happier and finally alive. What happens when Merve falls in love with Deniz and Mine leaves Titanum for someone else? And Titanum deciding to move. Will Merve and Deniz loose each other? Or was all of this too good to be true?


2. Fast Forward**

Loud music of drums and everything else mixed in this big house. All the corridors and hallways, all the closed doors... The rich plates and all the smell of cooking. A girl about fourteen years of age playing the drums with her headphones on, in her room. The door was suddenly and shockingly pushed open, by an angry-pretending father. The girl was startled. Maybe she should change the direction of her drums... The girl messed up on a few lines of her music but didn't quit playing, even though she knew how extremely rude this was. She couldn't. She had not the power to stop playing a song before it was finished even if it meant she would get grounded and etc,.. Though I think her father knew that.

"I'm--" She started, after finishing her song and putting down her headphones.  

"Merve do you know what time it is?" He asked.

"It's seven o'clock you've been playing for two hours." A silent Merve just stared into the floor. Oh here is another lecture. She thought.  

"Come on up, dinners ready." was all he said. Merve followed behind him, up the stairs, to the kitchen. They all took their seats as usual. And by all I mean; Merve, her dad Timun, and her nanny Zehra. They all held hands as Timun prayed and thanked god for this day and all his blessings.

"Amen." all of them said in a mumbling choir.

 They were released to begin eating now. So you know yet one thing about Merve's family. They are very religious, even if praying is pretty much the basics of religion. It was Saturday so Timun and Zehra (the adults) drank wine. While Timun popped the cap out of the wine, Zehra filled all their plates with spaghetti and meatballs. Merve as usual had water by her plate. They all begin eating. This might feel like a hard procedure and routine to begin dinner, but trust me it was a routine.

"So I have something to share with you." Titanum spoke, awkwardly. Merve's eyes lit up from her plate and for the first time her eyes that were the witness of everything she'd been through showed. 

"I'm getting married." He said. A silent war and anger electrified between the three people on the table. All silent. Even their brown cat, Strangling, stopped eating his food and looked up to the table. Zehra and Merve both stared at him. Merve's fork fell from her hand to her plate making a loud noise. 

"With who?" She asked. You just had to feel pity on how Titanum looked right now, because of how excited, stressed, scared, and nervous he was.

"With who?!" She demanded this time. One answer. One name. 

"Mine." He lips barely moved.

"Mine, Mine. I should have known. The room construction..." She repeated her name, and gave a slight laugh. She got up from the table and started walking to her room when her dad followed and pulled her arm to stop. 

"Let go!" She said. 

"Listen Merve." he said. 

"No, there's nothing to listen to! There's nothing to explain!" She said. 

"Merve" he sighted.

"You never liked my mom! Why would she leave then! You don't like me either! What happened to being together forever!?" By now she was in a flood of tears.

"See you're speechless. Just-- Ugh." She had managed to slow down her crying now.

 She ran to her room; Titanum left there like a statue, he truned around and looked at Zehra who was staring at both of them like she was watching a drama play. Zehra witch should have been the one preventing Merve to go downstairs, sat still. 

"You didn't eat you're veggies!" A speechless and helpless Titanum yelled out to Merve. Something Zahra should have yelled out.

Unfortunately, her mother had not left them... By her will nor anyone else's force.   



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