One day I'll be too little for you

Merve and her dad Titanum live alone together. Her dad still misses his wife that left them along time ago. Merve and Titanum were enough for each other, or she thought they could be. However, one day Titanum falls in love with a girl not few years older than his own daughter, her name is Mine. Titanum's life changes, he is more happier and finally alive. What happens when Merve falls in love with Deniz and Mine leaves Titanum for someone else? And Titanum deciding to move. Will Merve and Deniz loose each other? Or was all of this too good to be true?


1. Preface**

"Dad?" Merve, a girl just in fourth grade, said as he sat next to her bed and patted her hair as the bedside lamp was on.

"I'm listening." he said.

"I never want to grow up. I never want to marry anyone. Lets just stay like this forever. Just father and daughter. Can't we? Please?" She said. He sighted.

"When you grow up you will want to though." He said after much thought.

"No I won't. We'll be just exactly enough for each other wont we?" She said with her pleading cat eyes.

"It's getting late. You should go to sleep now." He said, with a goodnight kiss on her forehead, then closed the lamp by the bed.

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