Tutoring My Worst Nightmare!

Theres this girl named Adriana Gatens. Her father gets married to Liams mother. Liam doesnt really like the idea of his mom getting married to Adrianas dad. At the beggining of the story he really doesnt like Adriana. But as the story goes on he starts to get along with her . This is a Louis William Tomolinson story where Adriana has to tutor her ex-best friend. They used to get along so well until Louis started hanging out with Liam. Then things started heading south for Adriana. Until she found out Louis secret. Find out what hapens when they start to fall in love with each other.



I couldnt believe that my father was going to marry liams mother.At first i was so excited to have liam as my brother. Until things started going south with me and my step-brother liam james payne. MY dad got married to his mom when i was 7 and liam was 8. He was always one year older then but i really didnt care for that.  When i was about 15 and he was 16 he complained that iwas the perfect one in the family. That i was the queen that i got everything i wanted and he got nothing.I really did feel bad about the whole dilema. He said it while we were all eating dinner. I was really upset about all the things he said to me. So i excused myself from the table and went to my room.I locked my door and  I began to cry into my pillow.  I heard footsteps coming from the hallway and i wondered who it was. I didnt get up and check what i did was i got up and unlocked my door and then went back to my bed. I tried to wipe away my tears as fast as i could but i knew i was a little to late. Liam then came in and asked why i was crying. Thats what i hated about him he would act like he didnt know what was happening. I told him that he was a pain in the ass that why did he hate me so damn much. His answer to everything i asked him was i dont know. Then i told him then who the fuck knows and he said that the reason he hated me was that it was all my fault that his mom got divorced with his dad. I told him that i didnt want that but it happened and what was done was done and i told him that i was sorry about every thing. He then told me that i shouldnt be the one apoligizing it should be him . this is not where the toture starts.

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