The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


3. What's Today?

The next day was Saturday, the day after the horrible encounter with the two bitches. Thank god it was a day I could be free from their constant humiliation. I woke up to my alarm clock ringing. When I rubbed my eyes, I groaned as they were stinging and puffed up from yesterday's crying. I sat on my bed, stretching my arms as I got up to shower and dress. I headed down the stairs and I joined my sister at the dining table reading the morning papers and eating waffles with bacon. I stared down at my plate, playing with my waffles. Then out of nowhere a bacon strip flied towards my head as I looked up at Maddie.

Maddie: Yess!! I finally got your attention.

Nicole: What?

Maddie: DId you forget what today was?

Nicole: Why, whats today?

I picked up the crisp bacon strip and took a bite.

Maddie: You finally get to take off those nerdy glasses and be my normal sister again!

Nicole: Oh yeah I just forgot... you must really hate these glasses.

Maddie: You have no idea! HAHA

I grabbed my waffle and ran up the stairs to my room as I turned on my macbook and checked my emails from Kylie and Kendall Jenner(my two BFFs) who were in London for Seventeen Magazine's photo shoot and to promote their new Pac Sun line. After replying to all of it, I grabbed my Louis Vuitton bag and headed downstairs to my sister on her phone. We drove to my optometrist in beverly hills and as they give me my contacts I quickly tried them on at the nearest mirror. As I put them in they became blurry at first, but become more clear and visible. We went out to eat at a cafe and did some shopping at Rodeo Drive. After about three hours of excessive shopping, we headed back home carrying dozens of shopping bags. As I entered my living room, I saw my two best friends waiting for me at the couch. I dropped my shopping bags and screamed as they stood. I ran up to them as I jumped into their arms and dived onto the couch.

Nicole: OHMYFUCKINGGODDD!!! How are you guys here? Aren't you guys supposed to be in London for your photo shoot?

Kendall: We wanted to surprise you since you were taking off those glasses today! That's a big deal bro!!!

Nicole: How'd you know i was getting contacts anyways?

I turned around to face Maddie as I smiled at her and ran up to hug her as well.

Maddie: Well you looked a bit down these couple of weeks so I thought they would cheer you up and get your mind off of things.

Nicole: I fucking love you!!! Did I ever tell you how lucky I am to have a sister like you?!

Maddie: HAHA yeah I know I'm the best

We talked a bit while drinking tea and went up to my room to catch up on things. I unpacked my shopping bags as they looked at what I bought, I went in my closet and came back out with two shopping bags.

Nicole: I was going to give these to you guys when you came back later, but I might as well give it  to you guys now.

Kylie: Dude, seriously! You didn't have to get us anything!

Nicole: It's to congratulate you guys on your fashion line!

As they unwrapped their gifts they took out a extravagant Chanel bag, staring at it in awe.

Kendall & Kylie: Holy shit! NOO!!!

Nicole: HELL YESSS!!

They jumped up and gave me a tight hug as they tried on their bags. Looking at the mirror admiring the designer bag, they had huge grins on their faces.

Kylie: I love it so damn much!

Nicole: I had a feeling that you guys would.

A smile appeared on my face as all the bad memories slowly started to wash away. I thought about all the new memories that would start to replace them. Saying goodbye maybe scary, but saying hello is always more relieving. Bye bye old life! And hello to the new beginning!


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