The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


16. Truth or Dare

I couldn't believe out of all the games we could play he had picked that. Jumping in the pool was his idea of fun and it just happened to be cold tonight, can't wait to get a cold. I wasn't gonna let that stop me and I love a good game. He could be so weird sometimes, I put on a evil smile as Justin stared at me confused.

Justin: What?

Nicole: I just thought of something (shifting around on the couch)

Justin: Thought of what.

Nicole: How about everytime we ask a question we take off a piece of clothing and if you don't want to answer or take anymore off than you jump in the pool

Justin: I like that, I think I'll be seeing some more skin from you

Nicole: Let's not get too excited (chuckling)

Justin: You go first (Nicole nods)

Nicole: Truth or dare

Justin: Truth

Nicole: many girls have you dated since you became famous (taking off her slippers)

Justin: That's a tricky one...a hundred- (Nicole drops her jaw) no I'm kidding 2-3?

Nicole: You got me there for a sec, wow really?

Justin: Why are you so surprised?

Nicole: I mean you're JUSTIN BIEBER you could get any girl in the world, any time, and you only had 2 girls?

Justin: Hey I'm not a player, is that so hard to believe? Now it's my turn truth or dare.

Nicole: Dare

Justin: I dare you to say "Justin Bieber is so handsome and so deliciously scrumptious (taking off his shoes)

Nicole: Deliciously scrumptious? Really? (Justin nods) Justin Bieber is so handsome and so deliciously scrumptious!! Now truth or dare

Justin: Dare

Nicole: I dare you to take off your shirt (taking off her see though shirt revealing her tank top)

Justin: You cheater and seriously? why do girls have to wear tank tops (taking his shirt off)

Nicole: Hey there's no rules

*Fast Forward*

So after about 10 minutes into the game I was now in my bra and undie while Justin still had his pants.

Justin: Well would you look at that it's my turn already. Truth or dare

Nicole: Truth

Justin: Who was your first? (takes off his pants)

Nicole: First what?

Justin: Your first you know...s-e-x

And with that I ran into the cold pool, staying under the water near the edge.

Justin: Nicole?

Justin started coming closer to the edge overlooking the water, this was my chance, I quickly swam up.

Nicole: Booo!!!!

Justin: You fucking scared me Nicole

I started laughing my ass off literally.

Justin: Never scare me like that again! You almost gave me a heart attack!!!

Nicole: Shut up and just help me up! (chuckling)

As he reached out for my hand he started mumbling things like 'I can't believe you jumped in'. I ignored him and quickly pulled him into the water, laughing hysterically.

Justin: What was that for?

Nicole: That was for not shutting up

We started swimming around doing different styles of swimming when Justin started to speak up.

Justin: Why didn't you answer?

Nicole: Answer what?

Justin: You know...about your first time

Nicole: My first time is very personal, something you don't need to know..and I was going to jump in anyways later on. 

We started splashing water at each other, when all of a sudden an arm snaked around my waist pulling me towards him. I started squirming, as he tightened his grip around me. As we started to calm down I turned around just inches away from him. Our foreheads touching when Justin started leaning in closer...and...closer..and...closer. When from a distance there was a cough that pulled us apart, we turned our heads to face a very uncomfortable Maddie. 

Maddie: ummm...I thought no one was home until I saw the clothes in the kitchen. OHMYGOD you're JUSTIN BIEBER!

Nicole: Yes it is Justin ummm why are you home so early? I thought you were sleeping over at Nick's

Maddie: We got in a fight..I texted you.

Nicole: My phone died..sorry

Maddie: Well imma go..see you later Justin (blushing at the sight of him)

Justin quickly waved back at her as she finally left us alone.

Nicole: We should get out now its getting kind of cold.

As I was about to turn around I was stopped when Justin pulled my arm causing me to face him. As out of nowhere he smacked his lips onto mine as our lips moved in sync. We finally pulled apart breathing for air, as I looked up at him he was smiling down at me as I smiled back.

Justin: You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that!

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