The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


11. Surprise Surprise!

A/N: I'm so sorry I didn't update last week!!! I was so busy with finals and I was studying my ass off for Biology, hate that class -_____-. Anyways I finally finished this chapter and I hope you all like it..scratch that, I hope you all love it. Enjoy my LOVELY READERS. Ohhh and remember no reviews, favorites, or likes= No chapters...ADIOS!!!


I turned on some music while I was getting ready for tonight, I went into my walk in closet and found this with some cute black combat heels, to match the outfit I grabbed my cute Judith Leiber Clutch that I had bought on Saturday with Maddie. I walked over to my jewelry drawer and put on some vintage diamond earrings and diamond necklace to finish the outfit off.. I sprayed on some of my Chanel No 5 perfume, and the tantalizing aroma filled the room. I finished up some last touches on my makeup and went down to the garage and into my white Audi R8 and headed off to the restaurant. I arrived at the restaurant and there was again the paparazzi's, they seriously annoyed the fucking shit out of me. I walked towards the restaurant entrance ducking my face  from the bright flashes  from the cameras. I finally made my way to the entrance and thankfully away from the swarming photographers. Once inside, the waitress lead me to our table, respectively where I was greeted by Kendall and Kylie. I hugged them tightly and gave both of them sweet, friendly kisses on the cheek. I drank the ice water that was on the table and sat down, putting the tablecloth over my lap.

Kylie: Why don't you look gorgeous my darling??!!!

Nicole: Why thank you, same goes for you my dear!!! Anyways I'm sorry I was late!

Kendall: We just arrived recently too, but I see our friend is running late as usual...

(Kendall had a sarcastic annoyed face)

Nicole: Who's your friend? Is he famous?

Kylie: It's a surprise, we met through Kim.

Nicole: Can't wait.

(Nicole had her hands on her face having a bit of a shocked and surprised sarcastic look on her face)

After about 15 minutes of waiting and some talking, Kylie's eyes shot up as she stood up with Kendall, as I stood up as well.

Kylie: Took you long enough!

I turned around to be greeted by him...Justin Bieber. My smile quickly changed to a shocked expression as he also looked up to meet me and smiled, showing his most adorable .

Kendall: Seriously? It took you about 20 minutes to come here? How unprofessional!

Justin: Sorry! The traffic was crazy and don't forget about the paps.

Kylie: Well...we'll let this slide if you offer to pay for tonight.

Justin: Alright! I will! Who do you think I am? I'm Justin Bieber...THE JUSTIN BIEBER

We all rolled our eyes and started laughing, he then faced me giving me his full attention as his smile grew huge, it literally reached up to his ears.

Nicole: This is quite the surprise....

Justin: Nice to meet you too, Nicole

Nicole: well..the world just keeps getting smaller doesn't it?

Justin:*chuckling* sure does

Kylie: You guys know each other?

Nicole: umm....we met yesterday at a restaurant...long story...

I noticed Justing staring at me from head to toe when he got interrupted by Kendall's hand slapping him on the shoulder.

Kendall: Justin!!! She's our best friend so that means she's off limits!

Justin: whatever you say

We sat down and talked for about 20 minutes and Justin and I seemed to have gotten closer. When our food came, we all got our phones out and took a picture of our food to post on Instagram. I set mine down and finished my food, so did the others. We finished and stood to leave, Kendall and Kylie walked in front of me and Justin behind me. As we were making our way to the entrance I took out my phone and went on Instagram, I had over 30k notifications Justin had tagged me in his photo and I've gotten over 10k followers and a lot of death threats, I ignored it and put my phone away. I felt Justin poking my sides, I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him as I ran for the exit with him chasing after me. When I went out I was attacked by the paparazzi's causing me to fall, but thankfully Justin had caught me. He quickly put his arm around me forcing my head to hide in his chest as his cologne took hold of my nose. The paparazzi's started going crazy and threw out questions like "Is she you're girlfriend?" "Who is she?" "Is she Selena's replacement?" "Are you guys dating?". After about 10 minutes of the paparazzi's we finally made it through the parking lot with the help of about 20 security guards. Kendall and Kylie left first leaving Justin and I. Justin walked me to my car, he opened my door for me as we said goodbye. As I was about to get in Justin grabbed my arm.

Justin: wait I forgot something

Nicole: what?

Justin: This...

With that he puckered his lips and gave me a kiss on the cheek....again.

Justin: Are you a fan now?

He quickly ran to his car leaving me surprised and speechless, am I fan?? Well all I can say was today sure did have a lot of surprises.



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