The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


7. Painful Memories


 I tried sitting far away from him as possible, but that didn't help. He kept staring at me, damn his hazelnut eyes were just so dreamy! What am i saying? No i have absolutely no feelings for him! I was interrupted in my thoughts when I looked up and saw my parents coming in with Brad. I stood up from my seat with Maddie as my parents were coming our way. I hugged them and kissed their cheeks and hugged my brother as well. We sat down and looked through the menu.

Nicole: How was your flight?

Mom: It was exhausting but thankfully the private plane had a bedroom, did anyone know that our jet had a bedroom?

Brad: Yes we all knew, except you mother.

Dad: well then, did anything happen while we were gone?

Maddie: Oh yeah...we met Justin Bieber!!!

Dad: Justin Bieber? My companies sponsoring his Believe tour, and he will be your mothers new model for her new mens collection.

(In this story Nicole's dad is like a businessman, and her mother is a fashion designer.)

Maddie & Nicole: WHAT!

Maddie: Are you fucking serious right now?

Mom: language

Maddie: sorry mom

Mom: Nicole, i never knew you were a fan of him.

Nicole: i'm not, and never will be. I don't even know why you obsess over him, it's stupid and immature.

Maddie: Shut up, being a fan isn't  obsessing over him. At least i don't obsess over my ex.....Nicole...I'm so sorry..I didn't mean it.

Right when she said that, i felt a painful punch in my stomach. My tears were all gathering up, forming in my eye as they slowly started to fall. The painful memories that i tried so hard to forget, began to run through my head over and over again. It was dead silent at the table as i stood up humiliated as some people were staring. I took the napkin from my lap and dropped it on the floor, wiping my tear.

Nicole: excuse me.

I slowly made my way to the bathroom as i heard my family behind me.

Mom: what did you do, Maddie, all the pain she has forgotten is coming back to her again.

Maddie: im so sorry, i didn't mean to say it. It just came out...i promise...i never meant to say it i swear.

I went into the bathroom and into the stall as i closed the lid on the seat and sat down as more tears started to form and drop on my face. I was bawling my eyes out from the memories that have once been erased be put back inside. I thought about my ex, well he wasn't technically my was a year ago when we were juniors. We were best friends ever since middle school and had known each other for about 5 years. We started dating ever since freshmen year, never once fought or broke up. People thought we were the perfect it couple that would someday marry. We would never get bored of each other, we always had something to share about. Josh was my everything, my first love, boyfriend, best friend, my other half, and my first. We did everything together, no one knew me like he did. I was myself around him, comfortable and free. Josh would wash away my sadness and bring the good in me, he always knew how to cheer me up when i wasn't feeling well. I trusted him with all my secrets and he was always there to listen. Together we were one, soul mates, and nothing could ever separate us..until the day he died in a car accident. When he died my life ended I didn't talk to anyone and lost contact with friends, and moved schools. I felt broken, hurt, pain, anger, guilt, and misery, I felt as if my life didn't matter anymore, and it ended. There was no point of living if I didn't have my other half. Everyone tried to help but i just pushed them away and declined their offer. I went to therapy and rehab, thats what helped me forget all the pain.

           "Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live."

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