The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


20. Out With Her

A/N: Hey guys I'm so sorry i haven't updated in forever!!! I was too busy moving and reading other stories! I feel like this story is not that entertaining/enjoyable... I'm thinking if i should continue on with this story or just ending it so comment below if i should keep it or stop..idk what to do arrhhhh!


I woke up running to the bathroom puking my guts out. What a horrible way to wake up. I slowly make my way to the sink rinsing my mouth as my head is pounding, and everything around me is spinning. I hate hangovers they annoy the shit out of me!!! I go back in bed covering myself with my soft blanket when Maddie comes in slamming the door. FUCK. My head is literally going crazy.

Maddie: You can not believe wh- what's wrong with you?

Nicole: Hangover

Maddie: How? You're not the drinking type 

Nicole: I had a little with the girls at dinner yesterday night after Justin left. what is it that you wanted to tell me?

Maddie: You were with Justin yesterday night?

Nicole: Yeah but he had to leave during the middle of dinner, why?

Maddie: i think its better if you check it out yourself

Maddie got my laptop and starting searching for whatever it was she was looking for. This is literally the first time I've seen her so focused and concentrated.

Maddie: Before you read this remember I'm always here for you. (handing Nicole the computer)

Nicole: Uhh okay?

I sat the laptop comfortably on my lap and read what was infront of me "Jelena's Back". What? Somethings wrong with this. It can't be... I started reading some more as it said

Our photographers have spotted Justin Bieber's car parked outside on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez's home last night. It seemed the 19 year old singer slept over at her house as it appears he didn't leave till 6 am in the morning. Does this mean they're on again? Who knows... But some say Justin is in a new relationship with Nicole Richie. A source told us that Justin and Nicole are JUST  close friends and nothing more. Does this mean Jelena's back?

After reading that I felt like puking. this couldn't be happening right now. is this some kind of joke? I felt heartbroken, used.. but it could be all fake. I needed to know for sure..I needed to talk to Justin.

Maddie: Are you okay? 

(going in the closet to get clothes to wear)

Nicole: I need to go. (all dressed) I need to talk to Justin.

Maddie: You can't right now. The paps are outside.

Nicole: I don't care I just need to talk to him.

I quickly ran out and into my car rushing. Not thinking of anything else. I open my gate and drive out making the paps move, getting in their vans. I start driving faster trying to lose them and thankfully I did. I finally arrived at the studio, running in. I finally came to the door that read 'JUSTIN BIEBER', I turned the knob and went in as everyones eyes were now on me. Alfredo, Lil Za, Ryan, and Chaz were all there talking to Justin.

Ryan: Hey Nicole what brings you her-

Nicole: Can I speak to Justin alone.

Alfredo: Uh yeah, lets go guys.

They all left leaving me and Justin alone, he was silent which only meant one thing, but I just had to hear it from him.

Nicole: Is it true?

Justin: what's true?

Nicole: Cut the crap Justin cause we all know why I'm here! Why I'm mad and furious and humiliated! 

Justin: It's not humiliating-

Nicole: Is it Justin? Is it? Cause to me it fucking is! I trusted you!! (tears streaming down)

I was hurt, betrayed, heartbroken... Justin took a step closer as I put my hand up stopping him from coming towards me.

Nicole: Don't come to me.

Justin: Nicole I'm sorry just let me explain-

Nicole: No I don't want to hear from you, cause all you say to me is lies...

It was dead silent and Justin's eyes began to water

Nicole: Was it even real? Did your feelings for me even mean anything or were you just using me to get back at her?

Justin: No I swear to god Nicole (tears fall down his cheeks) I promise I didn't mean to hurt you

Nicole: You already hurt me Justin. I was a fool to fall for you I should have known.. I'm done I can't take the hate, lies, anything! I can't take it anymore!

Justin: what does that mean?

Nicole: That means...

I didn't want to end it, but I had to...for my own good

Nicole: we're over.

I turned around opening the door to find Alfredo, Ryan, and Lil Za outside eavesdropping as they look shocked, I walk past them hurrying out of the building and into my car driving back home.



I was in the studio with the boys, Alfredo, Lil Za, and Ryan. They kept asking me what happened, but all I could think about was Nicole. Does she know? Is she alright? What is she gonna say? How is she gonna act like? Before I could ask myself anymore questions there she was, furious, mad, hurt. I deserved all this, I never knew anyone would find out. I didn't want her to get hurt.. (fast forward) 

Nicole: we're over.

No. No. No. I screwed up I hurt the main person I cared about. You fucking idiot why did you even cause all this! Now I've just lost the girl I love. I hope this is just a dream and that if i wake up right now she'll be in my arms. How am I ever gonna get her back? How will I ever forgive myself? Tears were now streaming down my face as I put my head down covering my eyes with my hands. 

Lil Za: Bro, Justin, are you okay?

I didn't even know they guys were here.

Justin: No! I'm such a fucking idiot!

Alfredo: Don't say that you didn't mean to hurt her.

Justin: I know, but I did!

Ryan: what did she say?

I was quiet I didn't want to say it nor believe it. But i had to cause she did.

Justin: she broke up with me...

ALL: I'm so sorry. It's gonna be alright

Justin: No its not! Because of my selfishness and stupidness I just lost the one person I cared about!

Ryan: well try talking to her again, explain what happened and maybe she'll forgive you

Justin: She wants nothing to do with me right now. Talking to her again after what just happened will only make matters worse. I just have to give her some time to think and get her mind off of things.





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