The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


14. New Friends

Later that day it was finally lunchtime a time to be free from work and boring teachers YAY! I stood in line and placed a salad and a water bottle on my tray and walked to the front of the cafeteria looking for an empty seat. I was walking past the "popular" kids table, as a buff, good looking, guy walked up to me stopping me in my tracks. Obviously he was a football player with his jersey on and a football in his hands.

Chris: Hey baby, the names Chris and who might you (staring at Nicole from head to toe) be?

Nicole: Someone you don't want to know

Chris: Oh, I see playing hard to get (chuckles) I like that. (steps closer to Nicole)

Nicole: ummm no. Now if you'll excuse me...

(Chris stops Nicole by putting his hands on her waist, leaning closer to her)

Elizabeth: Leave her alone, dickhead!

Chris pulls away from me turning towards the girl who was speaking to him. I turn my head as well and notice a very pretty girl with long dirty blonde hair, past her shoulders, with hazel eyes. She was wearing

Chris: What do you want, Lizzie?

Elizabeth: To leave her the fuck alone

Chris: Why should I, I don't have to listen to you.

Elizabeth: Well you better unless you want mom and dad to know about the party you threw when they went on a trip.

Chris: Hey we had a deal

Elizabeth: We didn't shake on it

Chris walks away leaving me and Elizabeth alone, all 2000 pairs of eyes now watching us.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry about my perverted brother. I'm Elizabeth by the way.

Nicole: It's okay not the first time today, I'm Nicole

Elizabeth: Already having trouble on the first day of school?

Nicole: What? No I'm not new here.. why does everyone think that?

Elizabeth: It's not everyday when a hot girl like you just shows up.

Nicole: Hahah well I better go find a seat.

Elizabeth: Nicole, why don't you sit with me?

Nicole: ohh okay that sounds great.

We walk back to her table, that is apparently right next to Emily and Hannah's table, and I sit in front of her. After talking for a bit 2 girls walk up and sit down next to us. One had long brown hair with hazel eyes and was wearing and the other girl had long light blonde hair and had green eyes and was wearing

The one with blonde hair started speaking.

Ally: Hi I'm Allyson but you can call me Ally. Are you new?

Elizabeth: She's not new

Ally: really? I never saw her around though

Haley: Wait I know you you're Nicole right?

Nicole: yeah, you're the only one thats figured that'd you know

Haley: I saw your glasses off last week when those bitches (Haley cocks her eye at Hannah and Emily) pushed you.

Haley gets interrupted by a girl with brown and blackish hair with light brown eyes, and is wearing

Areej: push who?

Haley: long story

Areej: Hey you must be the "new girl" everyones talking about I'm Areej.

Nicole: Hey...

Elizabeth: What took you so long?

Areej: I had to retake a stupid test for Mr. Kirk

Ally: the creepy one?

Areej nodded in agreement, we all finish our lunch talking about random things.

Elizabeth: Let's go shopping today!

Hayley: Can't I have a date with Mike(her boyfriend)

Areej: Same I have to tutor Alex.

Ally: Alex as in the quarterback and the hottest guy in our school Alex?

Areej: Yes that Alex.

Ally: Lucky bitch

Areej rolls her eyes at Ally

Elizabeth: Can you come Nicole?

Nicole: Yeah I'm free today.

Ally: Wait does Chris have to give us a ride?

Elizabeth: yeah maybe why?

Ally: well..its awkward since we had a thing, you know

Nicole: we can go in my car..I mean if you want

Elizabeth: Great Ally and I will come to your locker after school 

After school Ally and Elizabeth came over to my locker and we walked to the parking lot, walking towards my parked Range Rover sports 2014 that was surrounded by guys.

Ally: You parked in the football players parking space, how is that possible theres never a parking space there.

Nicole: they have their own parking space?

They nod as I unlock my car and as I open the door I look back at Elizabeth and Ally who have stopped in their tracks.

Nicole: what

Ally: this is your car?

Nicole: yeah why

Elizabeth: its such a guy car

I laugh as they walk towards the car and Elizabeth gets in the passenger seat and as Ally gets in the back. I set on the air conditioning and roll down the windows when I hear whistling and Chris now leaning his head in through the passenger side while Elizabeth is giving him the finger.

Chris: Nice car babe how about we go for a spin

Elizabeth: Fuck off douchebag leave my friend alone.

Chris: oh so you're friends now? what do you think I care?

Elizabeth: You're so fucking annoying, grow up ohhh and while your at it grow some balls too.

We all laugh as Chris walks away and I start my engine driving away as Elizabeth turns on the radio. We all sang to Miley Cyrus's new song "We Can't Stop", we finally arrived at Americana and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. After shopping for about 2 hours we went back to my house.

Ally: This is your house?

Nicole: Yeah

Elizabeth: It's so big!

We park in the driveway and as we step in I notice their eyes bulging out. I give them a quick house tour as we make our way to my room. It's finally friday and I made some new friends and some BFF's. I got so much closer with Elizabeth or Lizzie, Ally, Areej, and Hayley its like I've known them forever. We later decide to hangout at my place, we arrive and swim. After showering we decide to cook some pasta and watch some chick flicks and romantic comedies. It started getting late so we just decide to have a sleepover.

A/N: I didn't know who to choose so i just chose all of you guys! Hope you liked it and don't worry theres going to be more justin! sorry if its bad I'm so excited for tomorrow! i go to vegas at like 9 in the morning then the concert!!!! IF YOU GUYS ARE GOING WE SHOULD MEET UP!!!! NO REVIEWS, FAVOURITES, LIKES, COMMENTS= NO CHAPTERS goodbye lovely readers xx


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