The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


18. Kiss Cam


The truth is I'm glad that everyone knows about me and Nicole now..even thought were not officially an item yet. But I feel bad that the paparazzis are all in her face now. Damn them..... I'm deciding if i should ask her out on Friday, I mean what if she says no, or what if she never wants to see my face again. I was in the recording studio with Alfredo and Lil Twist working on something new, Heartbreaker.

Justin: how do you know when your in love?

Lil Twist: Love? You crazy bro?

Alfredo: Why do you ask?

Justin: No friend he met a..girl and thinks he's in love when he's only knew her for about 2 weeks.

(Lil Twist and Alfredo raise their eyebrows)

Alfredo: Well, you know you love someone when your heart beats faster when your around them, you get butterflies in your stomach, you start sweating, you're clumsy, you think about them all the time, you dream about them, you get nervous around them, you miss them, and you can't stop smiling when you're with them.

Twist and I both looked at him, loss of words.

Justin: And how do you know this?

Alfredo: Hey, I like to read Nicholas Sparks books during my free time.

Alfredo can be so feminine some times, he's so sensitive and such a softy. I couldn't wait for my date with Nicole on friday, I got everything planned out.



At school I couldn't get my mind off of off Justin. Everyone now knows about Justin and I, they all try to be nice to me by acting all friendly, some even take weird. I was in Mr. Hudson's english class, we were reading "War and Peace" By Leo Tolstoy. I couldn't concentrate on the lesson all that was in my mind was Justin. I was replaying our kiss when Mr. Hudson called my name.

Mr.Hudson: Miss Richie? Do I finally have your attention?

Nicole: What? Uhh...Yeah

Everyone in the class started laughing at me, great how embarrassing

Mr.Hudson: I hope I wasn't interrupting you while you were day dreaming.

Nicole: Sorry, I just have a lot on  my mind...

Mr.Hudson: I suppose this has to do with Justin Bieber

Everyone in the room oowwed, everyone was asking questions and raising their hands.

Mr.Hudson: Well I guess since we have 5 minutes left in class why not Miss Nicole talk about her relationship with Justin Bieber. Is that alright?

Nicole: Yeah sure. (everyone clapping and screaming) Well I do know him but were not dating, were just friends...uhmm its complicated.

Girl: How did you guys meet?

Nicole: Some close friends

Girl 2: I heard your close with Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Nicole: Yeah, they're my friends

Girl 3: Is Justin a good kisser?

I was nervous should I say no or yes.. But thankfully I was saved by the bell. Throughout that week people where treating me like a celebrity, even the teachers. It was friday, 6th period thank the lord! I walked out and hurried home so I could get ready for my date with Justin. I took  a quick shower and dressed in, with a light makeup. I was almost getting ready when the doorbell rang, I quickly grabbed my purse spraying a bit of perfume on. As I opened the door, Justin stood there with a bouquet of flowers in his hands wearing

Justin: These are for you

Nicole: They're beautiful thank you. Do you want to come in?

Justin: Sure...the game starts at 6 so we should leave in 30 minutes.

Nicole: Okay do you want anything to drink?

Justin: Uh. waters fine. 

Nicole: alright, make yourself comfortable, I'm gonna put these in water.

Justin: I'll be right here if you need me.

Justin sat comfortably on the couch when he saw Brad leaning on the wall.

Brad: You must be Justin. 

Justin: Umm yeah you're Brad right? Nicole's brother?

Brad: Yup thats right, are you two dating or something?

Justin: it's complicated..i think

Brad: Well if you hurt my sister or even break her heart I will hunt you down and break all your bones... (Justin looks scared) I'm kidding relax.

Nicole: heres your water-what are you doing here Brad

Brad: Just came to check up on you kids thats all

Nicole: well were gonna go so bye

I locked the door behind me as we were walking towards his car Justin opened the door for me. What a gentlemen!!! We talked about our family and basic things like what we like and didn't like, when we arrived the game already started so barely anybody was outside. We bought some snacks and drinks, and sat court side. I was shocked that sports could be so fun to watch, while watching the game I noticed people taking pictures of Justin and I. During the break the kiss cam turned on, the elderly are so cute. I felt Justin's hand on my shoulders and looked at him.

Justin: ohh sorry..

Nicole: No keep it there I like it.

ohmygod what did i just say? what's this side of me? I came back from my thoughts when I heard people cheering and everyone staring at us. I looked up at the screen and noticed Justin and I were on the kiss cam. How embarrassing! I looked at Justin as he leaned in closer kissing my plump lips. The crowd went wild as we started laughing and my cheeks turned bright red, Justin noticed pulling me closer to him as I hid in the crook of his neck smiling. Once the game ended we exited holding hands, I guess we got really close during the time. We arrived at my house, just sitting in his car quietly.

Nicole: I should go now

Justin: wait before you go can i ask you something?

Nicole: sure what is it?

Justin: do you want to date me?

Nicole: what?

Justin: will you be my girlfriend?

Nicole: Justin we've known each other for about 2 weeks now-

Justin: i know and those 2 weeks made me realize that I'm crazy about you, and I love you. Its okay if you don't feel the same way, I understand that these feeling don't develop fast. But ever since the day I first met you at that restaurant I fell in love with you, and knew we were meant to be, that I would see you again-

Nicole: Justin you didn't give me time to answer

Justin: what? I'm sorry I just got really anxious

Nicole: yes

Justin: yes?

Nicole: yes I would LOVE to be your girlfriend

Justin: really?forreal?

Nicole: yes for real (laughing)

Justin had the biggest smile on his face as he hugged me kissing my cheek about 20 times. I started laughing at how cute he was. I pulled away from the hug and kissed him, surprising him.

Nicole: I gotta go now, time went bye so fast

Justin: Okay, call me

Nicole: alright

I gave him a final kiss and walked up the steps, turning around waving at him. As I went in I literally skipped up to my room happy and just excited. I quickly changed and took off my makeup as I hopped in bed. My phone buzzed and it was Justin

Justin: goodnight baby <3 

Nicole: Night <3

I closed my eyes when the lights turned on, and somebody jumped up on my bed. I turned around and saw Maddie.

Maddie: I saw the game today, you guys kissed? youre dating?

Nicole: I was just about to sleep you know, can't we talk about this tomorrow?

Maddie: No we can't, spill tell me everything, don't leave anything out okay?(making herself comfortable) okay Im ready!







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