The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


26. Josh?

AN: Sorry for not updating!!! I was so busy with school work and all, that I forgot about my story! Sorryyyyyyyy!!!!


Justin and I were finally back to normal. We decided to leave all the bad memories behind us and make better ones ahead. He was just so sweet and so...perfect. He would take me on dates, make me dinner, take me shopping, and other things. I guess he still felt bad about what happened. After the incident Selena and I got pretty close, surprisingly she and I have a lot in common. We go out to dinner and shopping. It was annoying though because the paps were always around and they would always yell things like "How are you friends with selena after she slept with Justin" or "why haven't you broken up with Justin? are you scared he'll go back to selena?". Its like the paps hated me or something, and talk about hate...all the girls at my school would spread rumors about me. I'm pretty sure Hannah and Emily were the ones spreading it. Everytime I would pass by them at school they would always cough things up like "slut" "whore" "bitch" etc. I always had my friends to stand up for me. The girls and I decided to go shopping later after school to buy a dress for homecoming. After school we decided to go to Beverly and LA, there were so many pretty dresses I didn't know which one to wear. After about 2 hours I finally found the one, the most beautiful dress I've ever laid my eyes on. (its a surprise). We exited the store and walked around when beliebers started following me. then more. then more. I was literally surrounded, I quickly took pictures and signed their stuff when in the corner of my eye I noticed someone staring at me from a distance. I quickly looked over and noticed him..but it couldn't be...he was dead...Josh? I instantly forgot about the fans and tried to get out of the crowd trying to see if it was really him. I was almost out when I heard a noise behind me.

Girl: OWWW!

I turned around along with everyone else to see a little girl on the floor, her knees were scraped and were bleeding. I quickly ran over to her picking her up, brushing the dirt off of her little dress.

Nicole: Are you okay sweetie?

Girl: My knee hurts its bleeding!

Nicole: come on, lets go find you a bandage (caring her)

I carried her on one side of my arm and looked back behind me..he was gone. I shook my head trying to forget the image and went to look for a band aid.

*Later at home*

I was sitting on my couch when tears slowly trickled down my face. I was convinced that the guy I saw earlier was Josh, I mean he looked exactly like him except his hair was gelled up kind of like Justins. His eyes, his lips, his nose, his brows, his cheekbones, his face...were all the same. It had to be him. I closed my eyes slowly trying to think some more. I then heard the front door close as heels clicked the ground, footsteps coming closer.

Maddie: Hey

Nicole: (wiping my watery eyes) hey, why are you home so early?

Maddie: fought with Nick, where you crying?

Nicole: No, why'd you guys fight

Maddie: Dont ignore my question, what happened (sounding concerned)

Nicole: If I told wouldn't believe me

Maddie: try me

Nicole: I went shopping with the girls..and I saw....Josh.

Maddie: What?!.....What?!

Nicole: Told you

Maddie: Wait wait you think Josh is alive?

Nicole: Yeah

Maddie: that's impossible Nicole, maybe it was someone who happened to look just like him.

Nicole: No, it was Josh!! I know it!!!

Maddie: Nicole! Josh is dead! There was a dead body! He's gone! 

Nicole:!!! (tears coming down) He's not dead!!

Maddie: What don't you not get?!

No sound came out of my mouth, it felt as if I lost my voice. Then the door opened and closed as Justin came into the kitchen. His smile slowly faded as he noticed me crying, mascara running down my eyes.

Justin: whats w-wrong? Baby are you okay? (holding my hand)

Nicole: I'm fine I just want to be alone.

I quickly let go of his hand and walked past Maddie, glaring at her. I quickly ran upstairs, skipping some steps. I heard Justin asking Maddie but I couldn't hear anymore. I got in my bed and started to cry, thinking about all the memories Josh and I had. 



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