The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


19. I don't kiss & tell...not really

After I told Maddie everything she was literally like a little girl at Disneyland. She kept telling me all these fantasies about Justin and I. I looked at the alarm 2:49 damn time went by so fast, I was so tired I literally had bags under my eyes.

Nicole: Now leave so I can sleep, I told you everything.

Maddie: But I want to know-

Nicole: Leave! I have to wake up early tomorrow.

Maddie: Okay okay calm your horses

The next morning felt so......calm and relaxing like everything was off my shoulders, no stress, no worries, nothing! Then my phone started buzzing

Justin: Hey baby you up?

Nicole: yeah, what are you doing today?

Justin: photoshoot you?

Nicole: Meeting ma girls

Justin: well try to have fun without me:(

Nicole: I'll try xx

I changed into with some flats and got in my car. I drove to a little cafe in LA to meet up with ma girls. As I entered the cafe I saw some people stare at me and a group of girls smiling shocked. I walked to the back and saw Ally, Hayley, and Liz. 

Nicole: hey gorgeous (hugging all of them)

Ally/Hayley/Liz: hey

Nicole: where's Areej?

Hayley: probably with Alex

Ally: Again? damn her

Liz: I heard Chris talking on the phone with a guy talking about how Alex has 'feelings' for her

Ally: Forget damn her..fuck her

Hayley: You're just jealous 

Ally: Hell yeah i am! who wouldn't be

Liz: I don't see you badmouthing Nicole

Ally: well thats different

Nicole: Thank you

Liz: anyways how was the date? I saw you guys kiss

Nicole: How did everyone see it?

Hayley: Honey you're in LA word gets around fast

Liz: Its all over the internet and I saw it with Chris yesterday night

Ally: How was it? How did it feel like?

Nicole: I dont kiss and tell ladies!

Liz: You told Maddie

Nicole: how do you know I told Maddie

Liz: she told me, she's my texting buddy now spill!

After I told them everything they reacted just like how Maddie acted but worse. After we ate I went to the front to order a new ice coffee. After receiving my drink I turned around to face the girls from earlier.

Nicole: Umm hi

Girl #1: Hi!! You're Nicole right?

Nicole: Yeah thats me

Girl #2: can we take a picture with you

Nicole: Sure

Another girl gave the cashier their phone, as we all posed for the camera me in the middle.

Girl #5?: Thank you so much

Girl #1: Thank you

Girl #3: thank you

Nicole: No problem, so you guys beliebers?

Girl #2: yeah

Nicole: well it was nice to meet you guys, bye!

Girls (all): Bye

I went back to the table and the waiter brought my coffee. After we ate we decided to go shopping at the Grove. I was literally attacked by beliebers asking for pictures, seriously was there like a meet & greet here or something? After walking around I had a feeling someone was following us. I turned but nothing. We continued walking when out of nowhere I'm lifted off the ground, as I turn its Justin...but how?

Nicole: what the fuck! you scared the shit out of me

Ally: Hhahah you should've seen you're face!

Justin: Surprise!

Nicole: what are you doing here? I thought you had a photo shoot today

Justin: Thankfully it ended earlier than expected

Nicole: How'd you know where I was?

Liz: me! you're welcome sweetie

Nicole: thanks

Justin had his arm around my waist while we were walking around the stores. Later that evening Justin took us to a fancy Japanese restaurant. I sat next to Justin and Ally, and Liz and Hayley sat infront of us. 

Justin: I have to go

Nicole: right now?

Justin: yeah i'll pay the bill on the way out while you girls finish eating.

Nicole: Okay bye call me

Justin: I will bye (kiss on cheek) bye girls

We all waved bye when I got a weird feeling in my stomach

Nicole: Don't you guys feel like somethings up?

Ally: Just relax, have fun, enjoy some sushi

Ally had her chopstick up at me with a sushi on it, as i ate it I just couldn't stop thinking what might go on.

A/N: sorry for the bad chapter!! it might not make sense cause my mind is going crazy right now. I want to start a new movella but I'm not so sure i'll have time to finish this one.. anyways love you guys and please favorite and like...for me!!!<333333

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