The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


6. I Call Dibs

A/N: Sorry for the late update guys! I was busy studying for tests anyways thanks for waiting, so here it is! Enjoy!!!

After I had said that i wasn't a fan it got a bit awkward. Until Justin broke the silence.

Justin: umm..well then... have a nice evening ladies.

He then winked at me again and went inside into the restaurant.



Alfredo, Ryan, Chaz, and I decided to go meet up at a restaurant in LA, as I arrived I parked my car behind the restaurant so the paps wouldn't find me. I guess I was wrong, the paps were there, and I was pretty sure one of the workers at the restaurant sold me out, I guess I shouldn't have made a reservation to my name. When I got out of my car thankfully the security guards were there to protect me. When i was walking to the front of the restaurant I saw someone staring at me from the corner of my eye. I turn my head around to notice the most beautiful girl I've had ever laid my eyes on standing there. I gave her a wink and she just turned her head around, ignoring me..ohh she was playing hard to get.. how cute. I then turned my attention back onto the paps and had security take them away, once they were out of sight I turned my head back around to notice that the girl was talking to I guess her sister. I just stared at her forgetting where i was and who i was until a scream brought me back to reality. The girl that was talking to the gorgeous girl earlier was now trying to run up to me in her HIGH heels. As she finally made her way up to me the gorgeous girl followed behind crossing her arms over her chest. While I was taking the picture with her sister I only stared at her admiring her face up closer than before.. and let me tell you she was BEAUTIFUL!! As we finished taking some pictures her sister then spoke up.

Maddie: you're not taking a picture with him?

Nicole: No, he's probably busy i wouldn't want to waste his time.

Justin: No its okay I'm not busy.

I heard her let out a sigh which she probably thought nobody would hear, she was wrong. She came up and stood beside me as i slid my arm around her waist as she was posing for the camera. I quickly gave her a kiss on the cheek as the paps came back, they always come at the right timing, to take a shitload of pictures. She quickly pulled away and by the look on her face I could tell she enjoyed it.

Nicole: umm what was that?

Justin: just a little present for a fan.

Nicole: im not a fan.

As she said those last four words my heart literally sank. I felt the urge to breakdown and cry my eyes out, but then realized that I had just met this girl for about 10 minutes now and noticed that she became so special to me in an instant.  Was I in love or something? I never fell for a girl this quick... It became awkward so I decided to just head on in first. The waiter took me to my seat and as I looked around, I noticed an empty table infront of mine. I called the waiter as I took out a Benjamin Franklin and handed it to him.

Justin: There's a beautiful girl outside who's going to come in with her sister any minute now, so give her that table.

He nodded, smiling at the cash and slowly walked away as i thought to myself, "If she wasn't into me,  then i guess i just have to make her fall for me". I was interrupted in my thoughts as I noticed Alfredo, Ryan, and Chaz had arrived. I stood up and motioned them to come.

Alfredo: Justin, my man!

Ryan: How's it going bro!

Chaz: Whats up dude!

I gave them a quick hug as we sat down and talked about the Clippers vs. Grizzlies basketball game. The thought of her came into my head again. Her gorgeous features were just so breathtaking.

Justin: I just met the most beautiful girl today

Alfredo: Nice going man

Ryan: Is she hot? What is she on a  scale of 1-10

Justin: You can't even put her on a scale, that's how attractive she is bro.

Chaz: Damn, Justin's head over heels for her.

Ryan: Dude I wanna see her

Justin: She's mine and I call dibs

Chaz: Not fair bro!

As Chaz said that I saw someone come in and it was HER! I quickly turned my head to look at her walking behind the waiter to the table in front of us.

Justin: You guys thats her.

Alfredo: Nice going bro, you got a good one

Ryan & Chaz: Damn look at her curves.

Alfredo: You guys are so sick minded! Hahahaa. Anyways is she a fan or something?

Justin: No but her sister is.

Chaz: Is that her sister? I call dibs!

Ryan: Dude shut up I call dibs and besides look at you. I've got the total package.

Ryan and Chaz started arguing and playing rock, paper, scissors as I payed my attention to her and only her. I guess she saw me looking over at her, cause she rolled her eyes at me. She tried sitting far away from me, but that only gave me a better view of her.



We went inside and followed the waiter to our table. As I was walking I felt someone looking over at me, and as i looked up I was right. It was none other than Justin Bieber. We went to our table and it was right in front of justin's, oh brother. That's just my luck, today is just not my day i guess. Or is it?

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