The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


15. At My Doorstep

I awoke to the bright light that was shining in the room. I slowly opened my eyes, covering them with my hand from the light, noticing Haley by the window.

Ally: what the fuck Haley!

Areej: close the damn curtains!!!

Haley: No you guys wake up, its 11 in the morning 

Nicole: already?

Haley: yeah, im hungry lets make so brunch bitchess!

She ran downstairs leaving us so we could get cleaned up. We went down and started cooking some pancakes, scrambled eggs, and BACON. We were waiting for the bacon to cook when the doorbell rang. I quickly jogged to the door and opened it, revealing Justin. I quickly closed the door and yelled at the girls.


Lizzie: OKAY!

I opened the door again stepping out, pushing Justin towards the driveway as he leaned on his car.

Justin: umm everything okay?

Nicole: huh?..yeah why?

Justin: you shut the door in my face and pulled me out to the driveway. Do you have a guest or something?

Nicole: umm yeah some friends....(Justin had a suspicious face on) Wait how'd you know where I lived.

Justin: Kylie, don't get mad at her. I begged her too.

Nicole: why would you beg her?

Justin: I just needed to see you, you didn't give me your number

Before I even got to respond to him the front door opened revealing Ally in the doorstep with her jaw dropped.

Ally: Nicole brunch is rea-yo-your J-JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

Nicole: Oh brother...(whispering loud enough for Justin to hear)

Justin: why?

Then everyone came out looking confused and as their eyes spotted on Justin they started jumping, pointing their fingers at him.

Justin: umm...hello

Lizzie: Ohmyfuckingod!! You're Justin Bieber!!!!

Haley: Justin Bieber is right in front of me!!!

Areej: Am I dreaming or is this ferreall!!!!

After about 20 minutes of calming them down we finally went inside. The girls kept staring at him.

Nicole: Do you want some breakfast?

Justin: umm sure.

Lizzie: Sooo are you guys friends or-

Ally: dating?!?!

Nicole: No just friends...

I turned to Justin waiting for him to agree which he did, nodding. He stared at me as i went back to eating my pancakes. Thankfully Areej got his attention.

Areej: So what brings you here?

Justin: I just came to see if she wanted to hang or something..

Areej: why didn't you just call her?

Justin: I dont have her number

Areej: But you know where she lives?

Nicole: Areej you can stop with the questions (chuckling) I think he's intimidated by you.

Areej: well sorry, it seems weird.

Ally: Anyways how'd you meet Nicole? Club? Friends? Online? 

Justin: we met at a restaurant and then by friends

Haley: that's fate right there.

Lizzie: (rolling her eyes at Haley) Are you guys sure you're just friends? or

Nicole: Friends, we're just friends

Lizzie: Okayy whatever you say (smirking)

Nicole: we are!!

After breakfast the girls seemed to have gotten used to Justin being around. We started watching some tv when Pretty Little Liars came on. Once it went on commercial I decided to go get a drink, I came back with a tray of strawberry daiquiri.

Ally: I would've looked better instead of shit, if i knew Justin Bieber was coming.

Areej: Shut up and just drink your smoothie.

After about watching 4 more episodes the girls decided to leave, leaving Justin and I alone.

Nicole: Sorry about my friends..they're just really crazy 

Justin: It's okay, they're cool to hang with.

I noticed Justin looking at the clock that read 5pm, his face lit up as a smile spread across his face.

Nicole: what?

Justin: I just thought of a game

Nicole: what kind of game

Justin: well we can play truth or dare, and if you don't want to say or do anything you jump in the pool.

Nicole: That's your idea of a fun game?

Justin: Yeah, why too scared to get wet?

Nicole: Get ready to lose, Bieber.

Justin: You're on cupcake.




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