The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


8. Are You Okay?

A/N: Sorry for the late update my mac deleted the chapters, so i had to rewrite everything sorry if it kinda doesn't make sense i was rushing on this. FML! lol anyways..enjoy my lovely boos!


Our food finally came out, and after about taking 3 bites I slowly put down my fork and took a sip of my water. I wiped my mouth with the napkin as the boys were staring up at me from their food.

Justin: What?

Alfredo: Are you alright? Why aren't you eating.

Justin: Just not feeling hungry, I ate about 3 PB&J sandwiches earlier.

Ryan: Well then.. Can I finish yours for you?

Justin: Go for it dude.

I glanced  around the room and turned my head to notice her standing up from her seat, looking a bit upset. That literally broke my heart, seeing her so down. She dropped her napkin on the floor and turned on her heels, making her way to the restroom. I knew I needed to go after protect her, give her a shoulder to cry on. I stood up as the boys stared at me once again.

Justin: Imma go to the bathroom.

Ryan: Alright bro, well you know where to find us... haha

Chaz: We'll be right here..eating.

I started walking away before he could finish his sentence. As I started walking around the tables, people took out their phones to take pictures of me. Once I reached the bathroom door, I heard someone crying and I knew it was her. By the sound of her voice, she was seriously hurt. I decided to wait for her. Finally, after about 10 minutes, the door finally opened. She slowly walked out, but her head was staring at the floor. When she looked up after realizing someone was in front of her, I could see her mascara slightly smudged. I could tell that she tried to get rid of the signs that she was crying.

Nicole: OhLord! You scared me..

Justin: Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Nicole: Its okay, sorry.. you were probably waiting for some time out here.

Justin: Oh no.. I heard you crying, I wanted to know if you were okay.

Nicole: Um yeahh, thanks.

It got a bit awkward, and as I looked up I noticed that her face was smeared with a lot more makeup than I thought. She noticed me staring at her face and quickly dropped her head. She looked down again, her silky brown hair falling in front of her.

Justin: Chin up sweetie, don't hide your beautiful face.

I didn't know what I just said, but i could tell she liked it, as she started blushing a bit...DAMN SHE WAS CUTE!! I just wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her with so much passion, telling her it was okay. I was lost in my imaginations.

Nicole: umm thanks...I guess.

Justin: your welcome...we should go back.

Nicole: yeah..

We went back to the table silently as people looked at suspiciously and once again they were taking pictures. She sat down at her table and I went to sit at mine. As i sat down the boys looked at me, jaws dropped, wanting in on the info.

Ryan: so you were gone quite some time, huh justy.

Justin: shut up man!

Chaz: Dude did you get the you know..good stuff!

Justin: the fuck man? Hell no... she was just sad.. so.

(Justin gets interrupted by Alfredo)

Alfredo: so you went to comfort her and she fell for you and the rest is history blah blah blah. The important thing is if you got the digits man!

Justin: i didn't..

Ryan: then what have you guys been doing this whole time?!?!

Justin: i was locked out for like 10 minutes, we talked.. i guess..sort of.

Chaz: you are not the justin I know!

Justin: calm down! I'll get it!

Alfredo: i feel so ashamed, you learned nothing!

Justin: what do you mean nothing?

Chaz: well lets go down the list shall we? there was Caitlin, Jasmine, and last but not least Selena!

Justin: so what?

Ryan: so what?!?! that's 3 girls in like what 6 years!

I couldn't believe they were all teaming up..against me. After a bit of an arguing with the boys we decided to go out as i payed the waiter. When I walked out i noticed she was there but..with a boy, i remembered he was at her table..Hope they were just friends or even better siblings. Nothing more, nothing less.

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