The Other Half

Nicole is bullied at her school constantly because she wears glasses and oversized clothes. Everyone thinks she's poor and worthless, but what they don't know is that her family is actually really rich and under those nerdy glasses there is a beautiful girl fooling them all. One day she meets Justin Bieber....and I'm going to stop here and let you read this movella. Enjoyy!!


22. Alright


Justin: I didn't even sleep with her! Well I don't even know okay!

Nicole: How could you not know?

Justin: Yeah I went to her house, she needed a friend after her boyfriend dumped her, but for dinner as friends. We got drunk and the when I woke up I was naked, but she wasn't.. So I don't know!

It was silent and a bit awkward. I was confused and felt kind of bad for Justin...I mean he might of not even slept with her. I decided to break the silence

Nicole: I'll go with you but that doesn't mean I'm forgiving you.

Justin: Alright.

We drove in silence, when we finally reached his house I noticed my car on the driveway. He turned off the ignition and we both got out. Justin went to the trunk getting the suitcase, but I quickly took it away from his grip and went in first. I went into the living room to see Alfredo sitting on the couch quietly shaking his leg, like crazy. 

Nicole: Hey

Alfredo:'d things go between you and justin?

Nicole: complicated

Alfredo: what does that mean?

Justin: that means its none of your business Fredo. Nicole you can take the guest room its down the hall.

I nodded quietly and headed to the guest room. I locked myself in the room for about 3-4 hours now, just playing with my phone when I heard a knock. I got up and unlocked the door revealing Justin.

Justin: Hey, umm wanna watch a movie and eat some pizza?

Nicole: no thanks, not hungry

Justin: Well if you want to join me you can come anytime. bye

1 hour later

My tummy was grumbling like crazy, I felt like I haven't eaten in days! I wondered if Justin was still out there. was there any pizza left? I slowly tip toed to the living room to see Justin covering his face with a pillow, watching paranormal activity. I plopped onto the couch beside his and grabbed a pizza stuffing it in my mouth.

Justin: I thought you weren't hungry.

Nicole: well a girls gotta eat to survive.(concentrating on the movie)

Justin: if you're scared you can sit next to me.

Nicole: we're not there yet, so don't get your hopes up.

Besides this movie wasn't even scary, its fake nothing real to it. Just like us... well at least thats what i thought. 

A/N: Sorry for short chapter! New movella coming soon!!!! COMMENT/FAVORITE/LIKE/AND ENJOYYYYY!!!!!! <3333333 MWAHH KISSES KISSES



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