Kiss You ( one direction contest story )

originally for the One Direction Valentines Day contest , going to update again when im finished with my other fan fic Falling For Five ( go check it out please ) which might not be for another eight years. i take long to write the chapter cause i want to make them as perfect as i can, so be patient :D ~mariaxx
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1. Another Monday...

Sarah's P.O.V

A beautiful figuare came up to my face, was I about to have my first kiss ?!?!? The figuare of a handsome guy held my face in his hands but his face wasn't revealed I couldn't see any facial features all I saw a very fit guy about to kiss me and even if I wanted to I wasn't allowed to back away I feel like im in a trance but im completely okay with the fact that this guy is about to kiss me. He leans in closer to me and is centimeters away from my face, pulls my chin up as I look down, our lips are about to touch I close my eyes then pull away hearing a far away sound Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.....Beeeeeeeeeeeeep the sound gets closer and the closer it gets the mysterious figuare fades I try to follow him but im stuck in place the sound it right behind me, BEEEEEP,BEEEP,BEEP !!!!!!!!  "Sarah! get up" my mom yells from the door way UHGGGGG MOMMM why coudn't you give me five more minutes ? "Because if I gave you any longer you would be late to school considering that you take years to take a shower, fix your hair, and get dressed ,then you leave a perfectly cooked breackfast sitting on the counter till you get home from school so GET UP NOW!" she explains I groan once more and get off my bed rubbing my eyes heading to get clothes for the shower Just another monday I think as I get into the shower.


Sarah's P.O.V

After I get out the shower I dry myself and put clothes on then off to blow dry my hair. My hair is naturaly curly so its nearly imposible to striaghten all in an hour that s why I usally get up an hour earlier to be able to shower and straighten it. I finally finish my last strand of hair and rush to my room to get my make up I apply a light coat of white eye shadow to go along with my black black shirt and jeans. I don't use other make up other then eye shadow because to my whole family and all my friends "IM NATURALY BEAUTIFUL" but of course im still really insecure about myself the whole world could say Im gorgoeous but I still won't believe them it might sound stupid but I have my reasons. My mom calls down for me to eat breackfast and I find her and my dad sitting at the table smiling at me and saying good mornig like every morning. I look at the time and noticed I should hurry for the bus before I miss it. I eat the last peice of the pancake, put my jacket that my mom handed to me on and said good bye all at once I don't know how but I did. I grabbed my book bag and ran out the door to the buss stop.

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