i dont remember

take a second and try and imagine waking up in a dark alley in London England and not remembering anything about yourself. your lost in the U.K when you obviously have a american accent, but being saved by five amazing boys who changed your life forever.


9. The Party

Niall pulled up in front of a cute little house on the end of a street, Niall had enough money so that he could buy his parents a beautiful house and he had offered but his mum had said no because her boys had grown up in that house and she wanted to live the rest of her life in that house.

i jumped out of the car into the freezing cold air and regretted it immediately. i ran around to the back of the car but Niall was already there and had my suitcase in hand, i scowled.i hated when people did things for me that i could easily have done.

"i don't think so,"

Niall said with a cheeky smile.

i glared at him and then turned and made my way up the steps, exited to see the rest of the boys.

is was oddly quite i thought as i got to the front door, and as soon as i stepped into the warm and welcoming home i was ambushed by about 10 voices yelling.


i screamed turned and ran, Niall caught my shoulders and spun me right back to where i started, i have never done well with surprises.

i turned and was met by 4 very exited boys they were sort of acting like dogs.

Louis was the first one to get to me and he picked me up and swung me around, then he passed me to Harry who did the same  and then passed me to Zayn who hugged me then gave me to Liam who was the sweetest guy you will ever meet and being just that gently set me on my feet.

 Louis came back for another hug which sent the hug train into action again. i laughed after i was set down by Liam and walked back to Niall's side. 

then Louis said

"we have missed you so much!! and i know that you don't like surprises but it was way to tempting so well..we had to!"

i laughed

"oh its fine! i don't but i will make an exeption."

then turning to Niall i said

"i thought you had forgotten!!!"

" how could i forget the anniversary of us finding you in the alley!!"

Niall said putting his arm around me

so i guess it was not my acual birthday but it was the closest thing that i had to one. and its sort of is because thats when my memories start.

"ok we you can have the rest of your reunion out of the cold."

Maura Niall's mom said coming over to hug me.

Maura had been a mom to me, i loved her as one, i had come to stay with them before Simon said i could live with maya the housekeeper. she had been so kind and understanding. the boys and i walked into the middle of the homey living that was decorated with streamers and a big sign that read 


then Perrie and Eleanor came out of one of the bedrooms to hug me. they were the nicest girls ever.

"can i give you your present now?"

Zayn said with a cheeky smile

"you guys got me presents?"

i said horrified i hated it when people got me present i just did not no how to thank them.

"of course!"

Louis said

"you are our honorary sister!"

Zayn handed me a medium sized package and i opened it to find a adorable shirt with a calm floral pattern.

"oh my god! i love it Zayn!"

then i turned to Perrie and said

"thank you!"

 Zayn said defensivly 

" i liked it to! Perrie just found it and told me to buy it..."

i went and gave him a big hug 

"thank you i love it."

"my turn!!!"

Louis said handing me a small package. i opened it to find a beautiful silver necklace that said sister on it in curly letters. Louis then showed me that he had a leather bracelet that said Brother on it. the he said

"your now officially my honorary sister, i got them custom made."

my eyes filled with tears and i threw myself at Louis giving him a tackle hug

"your amazing Louis"

was all i could get out.

"i know"

he said smiling

then Harry handed me his present it was in an envelope, inside was a ticket. to California,

"we all wanted to take you to an award show, you will be all of our dates."

"i have always wanted to go to California!"

i shrieked giving him a hug.

Liam's present where some beautifully carved bangles that he got from somewhere in Africa.

the Niall handed me a small box, inside was a necklace that had a beautiful golden heart at the end of it.

i looked up stunned, this must have coast a fortune. 

"before you say anything, i did not buy it, it was my grandmothers. i talked to mum about it and she thought if was a really good idea."

i could not get anything out, i just leaned forward and hugged him.









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