i dont remember

take a second and try and imagine waking up in a dark alley in London England and not remembering anything about yourself. your lost in the U.K when you obviously have a american accent, but being saved by five amazing boys who changed your life forever.


3. The London Community Hospital

             All six of us walked into the sterol office of a man named Dr. Hutchinson, a nice nurse with a name tag that had Megan written in bold letters told us that Dr. Hutchinson would be right with us. We all sat down in the very uncomfortable chairs that were there for us, Harry just kept his head down while nurse Megan told us.

"everything ok"

i asked

"what? oh yeah i'm ok, that nurse just looks a lot like my ex girlfriend"

he replied

"Taylor Swift, right?" i asked

"i thought you couldn't remember anything"

"i can't. Niall told me."

he rolled his eyes and smiled sadly

"of course he did, he cant keep a secret to save his life."


objected Niall

"i will keep a secret when i think it matters!"

Harry started to say something but was interrupted by a tall and skinny man with big eyes that somehow reminded me of a fish. but he had a kind smile and i could tell that he was a father.he said

"hello, my name is Dr. Hutchinson, whats your name?"

"acualy sir thats why we are here. she dosen't remember, we found her in an ally after a man hit her with his car and drove away, but before that she looked somewhat disorientated."

"ok then, why dont you come back to my examination room and we will do some tests."

all the boys rose but Dr.Hutchinson said

"sorry boys but only two other people can come into the examination room, it's policy."

"of course we understand"

Liam replied

"Niall, Harry you guys should go, you no her better then the rest of us."

the two boys nodded and we started to walk to the examination room.

we got to the room and inside everything was white, i sat on the hard bed that was in the  center of the small room Harry and Niall sat on two seats that were against the wall, Dr. Hutchinson sat on a stool next to the uncomfortable bed. he did some standard tests and then he said that he need a closer look at my brain so that he could figure out how bad my amnisha was.

we went down the hall to a bigger room that had a big white machine in the middle that kind of looked like something that had just come out of a star wars movie.  Dr.Hutchinson  said

"we will put you in that white machine and it will give us a better look at your brain."

i nodded and lay on a bed that come out of the white machine.

inside the machine was nothing interesting but there was a radio intercom that let Dr.Hutchinson talk to me.

"lay really still so that i can scan your brain."

this was getting really weird.

"ok we are don!"

once we were all sitting in the examination room the doctor looked at me and gave his answer.

"well good news first or bad?"

i looked at the boys worried faces


"ok well there is no bleeding or anything really surgery worthy but you have lost all memory."

"wait what!"

Harry said

"you mean that she does not remember anything?!! and she will never get her memory back!"

"yes that what i mean."

"how old is she"

asked Niall

"judging by her brain development and how far along she is in puberty i would say about 14 or 15."


was all Niall said in reply

"the important thing right now is to find you a home, we will need to look for your family and if we cant find them then we will put you into the foster system and find you a good family."

"the foster system is really dangerous! the familys are not safe!"

Harry said.

"well thats plan B. if we can find her family then we wont have to worry about that. i will tell the missing persons department that we found you and if you family comes looking for you then you will go back to them."

"i nodded." 

things will never be the same..but i guess i don't remember what it was like before so i shouldn't miss it that much.




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